Join the journey: Practical tips for scaling DevOps

Explore! Jump in and join your fellow colleagues in gaining practical tips that all IT groups, from Dev to Ops to Biz, can use to get started quickly. With experience working with hundreds of DevOps deployments, these webinars, blogs, tech notes and podcasts will provide insights it would take your team months or years to learn firsthand.

Tech note

Scaling DevOps to Deliver Better Software Faster

Dynatrace provides the industry’s only artificial intelligence (AI)-powered application monitoring that transcends the challenge that human beings struggle with to manage DevOps complex, hyper-dynamic, web-scale applications.

It helps dev, test, operation and business teams light up cloud-based applications from the core and automate processes.

This empowers organizations to mature existing enterprise processes from CI to CD to DevOps and also bridge the gap from DevOps to hybrid-to-native NoOps.

Get all the details in this Dynatrace tech note.

Blog reprint

From 0 to DevOps in 80 Days: The Dynatrace Transformation Story

In order to maintain and extend the leadership role in such a disrupting market Dynatrace made a strategic decision to transform the way software was designed, developed, tested, built and operate within the engineering organization. The decision to move from 2 releases / year of an On-Premise product to a 26 releases / year SaaS & On-Premise Managed offering was made, supported and pushed from the top down. Read this blog reprint to learn more on how we made this happen using DevOps.

Read this story for the details, lessons learned along the way, and the success we are enjoying today!

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Practical Tips for Ops: Series 1 & 2

Basic App Monitoring and App Dependencies

This two on-demand webinars cover

  • better understanding and monitoring SLAs, performance and end user impact of apps
  • fostering better collaboration between Ops and architects
  • shift-left testing & QA
  • changing the cultural mindset from "fear of change" to "continuous innovation & optimization" and more!

Part 1

Part 2

Blog reprint

Production: Performance Where It REALLY Matters!

Production is where performance matters most, as it directly impacts end users and determines whether our software will be successful or not. Efforts to create test conditions and environments exactly like production will always fall short; nothing compares to production!

This blog reprint discusses the missing link that ensures that the software performs in production as it was intended to, based on all the work performed in engineering and the performance testing prior to deployment.

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Practical tips for Ops: Series 3

End-User Monitoring

This on-demand webinar explains the best approach for monitoring end users; how to evaluate network bandwidth requirements by app, service and feature; understanding and optimizing resource consumption; and many more practical tips to help you optimize your delivery chain for the best end-user experiences.

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6 Tips to Increase DevOps Collaboration and Improve Performance

When apps fail, whose fault is it? In today’s DevOps world, every stakeholder along the application delivery pipeline is accountable for performance.

Our authors have accumulated many years of experience improving performance. In this eBook, they will share important tips to increase collaboration and improve performance for each role on your DevOps team: the business, engineers, test, and Ops, and last but not least, your own ego.

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Practical tips for Ops: Series 4

DevOps: Cultural and Tooling Tips Around the World

In this 30-minute "secret sauce" session, Andreas Grabner, DevOps Activist at Dynatrace, shares customer learnings and best practices from DevOps adopters around the world.

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5 Ways to Use Performance Monitoring to Make DevOps a Success

A lot of us want to get to the new way of developing and deploying software. These leaders, the unicorns, are not doing two deployments per year, they are doing multiple deployments per day.

Not everyone is a start-up like the unicorns. They are not building a new platform where they can use micro-services from the beginning.

This eBook will not tell you the story of a unicorn. It will tell you the story of a real company just like yours. It will tell the story the steps they took to move their organization towards DevOps, and how performance management helped.

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Practical tips for Ops: Series 5

BizOps Done Right: Breaking DevOps Silos to Deliver Great User Experiences

In this live webinar, we’ll highlight the key learnings in the optimal connection of business and DevOps – across industries like airlines, banking, retail and telecommunications.

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Case study

Prep Sportswear: DevOps and Dynatrace solve app issues quickly

The challenge: it was imperative to be proactive on problem solving, lower risk to revenue, and halt unneeded heroics and midnight calls. In this case study learn how with Dynatrace, Prep Sportswear now has:

  • Confidence when releasing code into production because of increased visibility at the code level
  • Insight at the code level to identify the impact of application performance on business results
  • Ability to look deeply into customer orders and identify issues impacting customer experience and fix them quickly

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Love Your Data and Tear Down Walls between Ops and Test

How often have you deployed an application that was supposed to be load tested well but then crashed in production? One of the reasons might be that you never took the time to really analyze real-life load patterns and distributions.

In this podcast Brian Chandler, Performance Engineer, discusses how he has worked with Operations Team to not only start loving application-specific performance data captured in production but also help break down the DevOps walls from right to left by sharing this data with testers to create more realistic load tests (learning from real-live production issues).

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Blog reprint

Scaling Continuous Delivery: Shift-left Performance to Improve Lead Time and Pipeline Flow!

Transforming from Agile to continuous delivery by embracing DevOps best practices and a high degree of automation is a desirable goal for many IT organizations. From talking recently with companies such as Capital One, BCI, BCP, BBVA, and even our own engineering teams, the biggest challenge we’ve seen is scaling that transformation.

There are two approaches to mitigate that issue, especially for the performance phase: (1) increase throughput: run performance tests in parallel using Docker and (2) Shift-left performance: identify performance problems in early phases.

Learn more about these approaches in our blog reprint.

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On-demand webinar

Our DevOps Journey: Transforming 6-Month Waterfalls to 1-Hour Code Deploys

This on-demand webinar reviews and dissects lessons learned during the transformational journey moving Dynatrace from an on-prem culture to one that is cloud native.

Anita Engleder, DevOps Lead at Dynatrace, lends her perspective as a key member of the team that executed on the original vision: to "implement a new cloud native offering and deploy a new feature release every 2 weeks. Additionally, be able to support a 1-hour lead time from code change to production."

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Lessons Learned While Writing the DevOps Handbook

Insights from a live webinar by Gene Kim, co-author of The Phoenix Project, and Andi Grabner, Dynatrace Innovation Lab.

In a recent webinar moderated by Mark Tomlinson, Gene Kim shared the top insights he discovered while co-authoring The DevOps Handbook and Andi Grabner shared lessons learned from Dynatrace’s own DevOps transformation.

This DevOps eBook is an excerpt filled with tips and highlights from that live interview session.

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