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Developers don’t trust the data from your testing tools

Are you using LoadRunner, JMeter, or SilkPerformer, but your developers don’t know what to do with the load testing reports because they don’t trust these tools?

Dynatrace automatically integrates with whatever load testing tool you use and captures method level details that engineers crave, allowing you to share and discuss individual load test results with your engineers. Dynatrace gives you both a view of the data that makes the most sense to you. Finding performance across runs is one of the hardest things to do with just the data from load testing tools. Dynatrace automates this process and identifies the line of code or SQL statement that is at fault.


Don’t have enough time to properly performance test

Do your large scale tests always fail with a fraction of the load? Once the app is in a stable enough stage, is there is no time for real load testing anymore?

Dynatrace allows you to find most performance and scalability problems earlier in the lifecycle by executing smaller load tests in your CI on a build to build basis. Once your code reaches your load testing environment, you know it will be stable enough to perform large scale tests. Dynatrace allows you to focus on the tough tests and automate those that find the low hanging fruit.


Developers tell you they can’t reproduce the problem

You are testing on a large variety of different devices, browsers, and operating systems.

Your load tests clearly show performance and scalability issues. Yet still many times developers throw back the bugs you find with “cannot reproduce,” or “please re-run with more logging turned on.” This results in additional effort on both your and the developer’s sides.

Dynatrace captures the technical details of the code defects found when testing in your load environment. There is no need for additional logging as method level details are captured out of the box. Share the captured PurePath with the developers to eliminate the reproduction discussion.


Want to do better performance testing earlier

A shift left on quality for you means not just running load tests at the end of the release cycle. In an agile team you need to performance test as early as possible.

Dynatrace catches 80% of the performance problems already in your CI. It’s these problems that typically make it to your large scale load testing or production environments that cause unplanned work. Start integrating small-scale JMeter, etc... tests with Dynatrace in your CI and find that 80% of problems early on.


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