Java enterprise performance eBook

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Senior leaders from the Dynatrace Labs and Center of Excellence teams have collaborated to develop the only definitive reference on practical, day-to-day application performance management.

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cloud-native ebook

Cloud-Native Evolution: How Companies Go Digital

How do you successfully migrate toward cloud-native technologies and practices?

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Understanding Node.js performance

Understanding Node.js performance

While Node.js has a lot of benefits, there are potential performance pitfalls. Check out our free online eBook Understanding Node.js performance—no registration required—to get practical tips on how to hunt down memory leaks, CPU issues, and other problems to improve performance.

DevOps: Hidden Risks and How to Achieve Results

DevOps: Hidden Risks and How to Achieve Results

DevOps leaders are 2.5x more likely to exceed profitability, market share, and productivity goals. Download our free eBook DevOps: Hidden Risks and How to Achieve Resultsno registration required—to learn what makes these leaders successful and get expert practical guidance on how to turn your IT organization into a competitive advantage.

The Art of DevOps

What Is DevOps—and How Do You Do It?

Inspired by the famous 6th century Chinese manuscript The Art of War, The Art of DevOps walks you through the landscape of DevOps: islands of development, staging grounds, operational battleground.

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