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Design and activate your cloud migration strategy

The second step in your journey

According to the 2024 Educause Top 10 research, “the pandemic has left us with a changed world. As we look ahead, the future appears even more challenging than the one we once foresaw.”

Educational institutions recognize the need for and benefits of digital transformation, but it’s not always clear how to effectively execute a modernization plan. It takes smart planning and strategy to migrate campus applications to the cloud with minimal disruption. Fortunately, schools, colleges, and universities can follow in the footsteps of others that have established a cloud-forward roadmap.

Read this eBook to:

  • Learn best practices for developing a cloud migration strategy
  • Make informed decisions about which applications to leave on-prem and those to move to the cloud
  • Demonstrate the value of modernization

With this understanding, you'll have a solid foundation for kicking off your school’s cloud migration.

Download the second of three installments of our “Journey to the Cloud” eBook series for education.​

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