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Optimize your transition to the cloud with observability

The final step in your journey

The stakes for education to overcome cloud complexity are higher than ever.

The 2024 Educause Top 10 focuses on institutional resilience, noting that IT must support the deployment of digital forms of many previously campus-based services, along with a digital expansion in additional student support services.

You have cloud environments, on-premises systems, and ephemeral processes getting spun up without warning. Your students, faculty, and staff expect a seamless experience with every interaction they have with your educational institution.

As more schools, colleges, and universities transition to cloud environments, the complexities and dynamic nature of these environments at scale puts a new set of challenges on the shoulders of IT. Simply put, they cannot manage what they cannot see.

Read this eBook to learn how to:

  • Ensure continued success once you’ve moved to the cloud
  • Overcome the cloud complexity wall
  • Understand how advanced observability can help

With this understanding, you can ensure optimal application availability and performance for the best possible student experiences.

Download the third and final installment of our “Journey to the Cloud” eBook series for education.​
To complete your journey, click Understanding your legacy environment and Design and activate your cloud migration strategy to download the entire series.

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