Electric Cloud

Leader in the Gartner MQ for Application Release Automation

Electric Cloud helps companies to Deliver Better Software Faster through Automation, Acceleration and Insights for Enterprise DevOps

Electric Cloud Vision: Simplify Ops. Streamline Release. Accelerate Innovation.

Electric Cloud DevOps Release Automation helps organizations deliver better software, faster. We make it easy for teams to get started by plugging in existing tools and processes, and future-proof their work with our flexible, scalable orchestration platform. Wherever you are along your journey, we’re ready to help—through shared knowledge, experience and the industry’s only unified platform for automating the biggest bottlenecks in the software delivery lifecycle

Electric Cloud and Dynatrace Partnership

Over a decade ago, we set out to transform the way organizations deliver software. Today, our products help global leaders win by delivering high-quality, game-changing products to market, faster and with less risk. Electric Cloud and Dynatrace Partnership Shifts Feedback Loops Farther Left in the Software Delivery Pipeline. With early monitoring, Dynatrace improves performance and product quality for ElectricFlow users throughout the DevOps pipelines and environments.

Dynatrace, like Electric Cloud, was named a leader in a Gartner Magic Quadrant. The Application Performance Monitoring suite provides full-stack monitoring—looking deeper than typical testing tools—and allows ElectricFlow to automatically trigger the appropriate actions needed to bring the system back to a good state.”

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