Boston, Mass. April 12, 2019 – Software intelligence company, Dynatrace, today announced that it has extended its AI-powered platform to include IBM Z support for CICS, IMS and middleware. This gives customers precise information about the performance of digital services across hybrid environments; from modern cloud applications to the mainframe.

“While enterprises are moving applications to modern cloud stacks for agility and competitive advantage, these applications often still depend on critical transactions and ‘crown jewels’ customer data residing on IBM Z mainframes. This puts pressure on these resources to perform tasks that were not envisioned when the mainframes were launched,” said Steve Tack, SVP of products at Dynatrace. “Because Dynatrace® provides end-to-end hybrid visibility, customers can optimize new services, catch performance degradations before user impact, and understand exactly who has been impacted by an incident. This enables customers to confidently innovate applications that leverage data from mainframes to increase revenue, build brand loyalty, and create competitive advantage.”

Mainframes power 30 billion transactions a day and are used by 71 percent of Fortune 500 companies[1]. However, for many organizations, back-end technology layers create blind spots in their current approach to monitoring. This makes it hard to identify, analyze and resolve performance problems, which can endanger key business transactions and impact users. A lack of visibility can also result in runaway MIPS usage costs that can reach into hundreds of thousands of dollars due to inefficiencies and errors that go unseen.

Unlike other solutions that attempt to connect disparate tools, to stitch together a business transaction, Dynatrace® provides end-to-end visibility by automatically discovering and mapping every transaction with a single AI-powered solution.  This real time visibility, from cloud to the mainframe, gives enterprises a huge competitive advantage – they can eliminate inefficiencies and consequently, innovate at a faster rate.

Part of today’s announcement includes Dynatrace’s extended support for a range of integration and middleware technologies such as Tibco BusinessWorks, MuleSoft, IBM Integration Bus, IBM MQ and IBM DataPower to ensure that organizations no longer have blind spots in their cloud environments.