Austin, TX – October 9, 2019 —Software intelligence company Dynatrace (NYSE: DT) received the Pivotal ISV Partner of the Year Award for Customer Impact. Announced during Pivotal’s SpringOne Platform conference, Dynatrace is being recognized for delivering a software intelligence platform that significantly contributed to the success of Pivotal customers. Together, Dynatrace and Pivotal are enabling organizations across the globe to accelerate digital transformation and deliver innovation faster and more efficiently by building and running their most important enterprise applications in a multi-cloud environment.

“Kroger went on a very aggressive approach to change our digital presence to the world, and essentially reinvented ourselves,” said Jay Cotton, Application Performance Tech Lead at Kroger. “Through that reinvention process, we looked to digitally transform our ecommerce platform. So, we started thinking larger, towards hybrid environments and scaling of products, and that’s where the Pivotal Platform and Dynatrace® came in. Pivotal and Dynatrace together have enabled us to take advantage of AI, automation and the cloud to speed up development and deliver innovation to our customers at the pace they expect.”

“Pivotal is enabling the world’s largest companies to transform the way they build and operate their most important software applications and Dynatrace is an important partner in achieving this transformation. The Dynatrace® Software Intelligence Platform accelerates the creation and migration of enterprise applications run on the Pivotal Platform by providing instant answers to degradations in service, anomalies in behavior and user impact,” said Angus MacDonald, GM of Strategic Alliances & Technology Ecosystem at Pivotal. “The Pivotal ISV Partner of the Year Award for Customer Impact recognizes Dynatrace for helping customers utilize AI and automation to accelerate software development cycles and cloud migration.”

“Every company, in every industry is transforming itself with software to deliver innovative digital services that capture new markets and reduce operational costs. Pivotal and Dynatrace both play a key role in enabling our customers to succeed in that journey, by creating an cloud ecosystem that supports their business ambitions,” said Mike Maciag, CMO at Dynatrace. “We have a great partnership with Pivotal, and we are honored to be named Pivotal ISV Partner of the Year for Customer Impact Award.”

To hear more about Dynatrace’s support for Pivotal Platform visit: /technologies/pivotal-platform-monitoring/