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The Dynatrace commitment to achieving top security standards for government agencies, including FedRAMP High

For the U.S. public sector, always-on, fully optimized systems are imperative to safeguard our nation’s security. Disruptions to mission-critical applications affect citizen services, including healthcare, utility grids, and transportation systems. These disruptions—or attacks on government services—can also disrupt mission-supporting military services.

For more than a decade, Dynatrace has been steadfast in its commitment to achieving the highest levels of security to build on its mission to safeguard U.S. public sector systems and data. As part of this commitment, Dynatrace intends to extend its platform to respond to the requirements of the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program and its High baseline (FedRAMP High), which accounts for the government’s most sensitive, unclassified data in cloud computing environments, as well as other heightened government security standards. This commitment extends to all U.S. public-sector areas—whether civilian, Department of Defense, intelligence community, or state, local, and education (SLED) agencies.

The Dynatrace commitment to achieving FedRAMP High

Our commitment to achieving FedRAMP High builds on the Dynatrace® platform’s existing FedRAMP authorization at the Moderate Impact level, its StateRAMP authorization, and other security attestations. Dynatrace is notably equipped with multiple agency Authorizations to Operate (ATO), encompassing the highest security levels and extending its coverage across the civilian, intelligence community, and Department of Defense sectors.

With a track record of helping its customers provide frictionless and secure applications and services for more than a decade, Dynatrace is a trusted partner to federal, state, and local agencies across the nation. Dynatrace is dedicated to the diverse missions of the U.S. public sector and stands out as a secure and resilient analytics and automation platform.

Dynatrace offers a transformative solution through AI-driven, full-stack observability and application security. The platform empowers government agencies to move beyond basic monitoring and analytics to precise answers and intelligent automation that support the performance and security of every device, application, and user, regardless of location. The platform delivers a comprehensive understanding of the mission environment, with unmatched versatility that supports operations in the cloud, data center, battlefield, and even air-gapped environments.

To learn more about how the Dynatrace platform can help your agency deliver secure and resilient digital services, contact us. For specific questions about Dynatrace and FedRAMP, please contact Willie Hicks.