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New Support Center and Dynatrace ONE further transform customer experience

Dynatrace ONE is our transformational customer experience program with the single goal of making you, our customers, successful. To support this program, a new Dynatrace Support Center and ticketing system will be introduced. While these new systems will replace existing systems, there is no action necessary on your part as we will migrate any open support tickets and in-product conversations to the new platform. Closed tickets will be archived and available for one year after the transition is complete. Our new Support Center will ultimately unify all support resources (community, documentation, and learning) and communications (in-product conversations aka “chat” and support cases) to create a unified customer experience.

Three years ago, Dynatrace set out to transform how we guide customers through their Dynatrace journey. This resulted in our unique transformational customer experience program that we call Dynatrace ONE. We tore down silos like Technical Support, Consulting, Customer Success, and Renewals that exist in traditional software companies. Those functions were brought together into a single group with an Agile mindset and a commitment to continuous change (aka “continuous improvement“). Dynatrace ONE has a single goal—making sure that you, our customers, are successful in achieving your goals with Dynatrace—and complements our Expert Services for customers who need more hands-on assistance to accelerate their innovation with Dynatrace.

Over the last three years, we’ve introduced countless changes pursuing our vision of improving your experiences when you need help. We’ve invested heavily into our people through team and professional growth and now we are excited to share with you the next level of our investment—the systems you use to engage with us when you need assistance.

New Support Center enables more intelligent assistance

This month, we will introduce the first phase of our new Support Center. This brings together all our knowledge and support assets in a single place. It is also the beginning of replacing our current support ticketing experience with one that seamlessly integrates all communications into Dynatrace. There is no action necessary on your part. We will migrate any open support tickets and in-product conversations to the new platform. Closed tickets will be archived and available for one year after the transition is complete.

While this first phase will feel like we’re just replacing our ticketing system, there is a whole lot more going on under the hood. We will be taking our collective learning of AI and wrap it around the new system to be able provide more intelligent assistance for when you want to find something yourself or when you ask a question. You will soon see context-aware content dynamically displayed as you start typing a message to us. You can always bypass this if you want to reach a human but knowing that relevant content is available to you with just a click or two should feel empowering.

Phase 2 will unify communications channels for 50% faster problem resolution

Our data has shown that when customers engage us through live, in-product assistance, their questions are addressed in minutes and satisfaction is significantly improved. When an issue starts in chat, it’s resolved 50% faster than if you started with a support ticket. For this reason, phase two of our rollout, scheduled for later this year, will be to move all support communications in-product and use the same system for both chats and cases. No more lengthy forms to fill out or separate portals to access. There will be just one channel to use when you need assistance, seamlessly integrated into Dynatrace. Longer term, we plan to create a separate place inside the product where you can manage and track all your support cases.

Help us to improve…continuously!

We’re excited about these changes and hope you are, too. We believe that having a single, intelligent, and integrated place to go when you need to learn more about Dynatrace or quickly reach out to our product experts will not just make your life easier it will also improve the collaboration that happens on the other side of the digital wall. We want you to get you what you need, no matter what it is, as fast and efficiently as possible.

Let us know what you think about this in our new Dynatrace Community or reach out to us using our in-product assistance. We’d love to hear from you!