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Dynatrace ONE – Rapid access to experts when and where you need it

Innovative in-product assistance and Dynatrace ONE premium subscription offerings have redefined the Dynatrace customer experience.

Dynatrace ONE has redefined the Dynatrace customer experience through our innovative in-product assistance and Dynatrace ONE premium subscription offerings. I wanted to take the time to call out and accentuate the true value of Dynatrace’s in-product assistance (aka “live chat”) and the Dynatrace ONE team of product experts behind it!

Why live chat?

You might be thinking to yourself, “Live chat, who cares?  I can just open up a ticket when I have an issue.”  There are several reasons why our real-time, in-product assistance should be your first point of contact with Dynatrace, whenever you have a product question, and here’s why:

Dynatrace in-product assistance offers expert guidance resulting in the fastest time to value

We’ve got Dynatrace ONE Technical Product Specialists available Monday through Friday to assist you on a broad range of topics. Whether you’re new to Dynatrace, with a simple question, need more details around a new feature, or are in the middle of a war room, with a single click, you can connect with one of our experts who can give you the help you need.

That’s not all. We also have Customer Success Managers working alongside our specialists to ensure all Dynatrace customers receive the best experience, so if we don’t have the answer you need immediately at hand, we know we can call on our support teams across the room to give you what you need.

Which leads us to our second point:

Customers prefer in-product assistance experience

Dynatrace ONE has successfully handled more than 35,000 conversations via live chat, with initial response times of two minutes and average resolution time under two hours. We think that’s pretty incredible. Whether it’s a small and simple, or a larger and more complex issue, we handle some of the most complex questions on a daily basis, including: API troubleshooting, triaging cloud integrations, user session tagging, and more – we do all of this and provide you with a resolution in less than two hours.

What’s more is even as our conversations increase month-on-month, our response times stay the same or even improve and this demonstrates how this offering has revolutionized the customer experience and continues to drive value for our customers.

As our volume of chats has increased, we have been able to improve our response time. More volume does NOT equal more wait time!!

What if we cannot resolve the issue in live chat? In that case, we open a Support ticket for you so that our support engineers can provide you with additional assistance. Since we’re familiar with what data Support would need, it helps with faster resolution of the ticket, and means you don’t have to repeat yourself.

Dynatrace ONE does more than just resolving issues, which leads me to my third point:

We provide immediate coaching on best practices

With 24 releases per year, Dynatrace is constantly pushing the boundary to accelerate customer time-to-value and improve your return on investment (ROI) with Dynatrace. We realize that with this pace of innovation and product enhancements, you’ll probably have a range of questions from infrastructure, IoT monitoring, to “What does this new icon mean?”

And the best part about Dynatrace ONE is whether it’s explaining how to find the root-cause of a problem that traverses your API stack to discussing Kubernetes integration and the advantages of this integration, our technical experts can provide coaching and mentoring across any topic you need help with.

Chat with us

By providing these resources, via live chat, you can leverage your newfound knowledge immediately, and begin using best practices to accelerate your deployment. We know you’re going to get value from Dynatrace, but Dynatrace ONE is there to help you realize that value quicker.

What are you waiting for? Reach out to us today to accelerate your Dynatrace adoption and engagement and experience the phenomenal Dynatrace ONE experience!