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Kubernetes grows up in the enterprise

Here at Dynatrace, we are focused on helping global enterprises move to a modern hybrid cloud-based and highly automated IT with our software intelligence platform. Currently, we have more than 2,400 enterprise customers around the world in different industries. This gives us a great vantage point to see what people are doing and key customer trends.

What we’re seeing is accelerating digital transformation everywhere and in every industry, with dynamic multi-cloud as the platform of choice for the speed, flexibility, and cost advantages that it brings.

Kubernetes is at the center of this and adoption has been rapid. 78% are using K8s in production according to a recent 2020 CNCF survey.

The question has always been how fast will K8s happen in the enterprise? Kubernetes at scale in the enterprise is complex with systems constantly changing and data that quickly grows beyond human scale making traditional approaches to observability hard and ineffective. Old approaches to monitoring Kubernetes quickly fail, leaving customers to think about DIY approaches.

This is exactly why we re-invented our platform and created software intelligence to provide the modern platform that brings together Observability + Automation + Intelligence, for modern dynamic multi-cloud environments. And the results with our customers have been fantastic!

  • Over 85% of Dynatrace customers, with a mid to large footprint of 500 to 100,000 monitored hosts, use Kubernetes for running their critical applications across their multi-cloud and hybrid environments.
  • Our largest “at scale” customers take even more advantage of K8s. 92% of Dynatrace customers with more than 2,000 monitored hosts use Kubernetes in production.  
  • DevOps teams at our customers are releasing software up to 6x faster on Kubernetes versus on a traditional stack. 
  • Dynatrace customers using Kubernetes scale their apps 2-4x higher than when using a traditional stack (measured by the average number of instances per application). 
  • There is huge growth in the usage of modern lightweight technologies running on Kubernetes including GO, Node.js, and Python. 

We love seeing all the Kubernetes innovation of our customers and are excited, knowing that Dynatrace is helping customers transform faster with modern clouds. It would not be possible without the continuous automation and intelligence at the core of our platform. Many customers have already seen the value of K8s at scale with Dynatrace and we’re looking forward to many more. It’s really gratifying when we see a plan come together.

You’d like to know more about mastering your Kubernetes environment with Dynatrace? Then check out our free trial and our Kubernetes monitoring page.

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