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Beyond uptime: Unveiling the improved Dynatrace SLA

To help our customers confidently navigate the complexities of the cloud and innovate faster and more securely, the Dynatrace platform must be delivered reliably. Service Level Agreements (SLA) bridge your business objectives with our commitment to excellence. To transparently manage expectations and maintain trust with our customers, we expanded the Dynatrace SLA beyond accessing the user interface to cover the full range of relevant product categories, such as processing and retaining incoming data, accessing and working with data, and triggering automations.

Building on this expansion, we’ve recently elevated the SLA for Dynatrace SaaS to provide a more value-driven service level agreement that aligns with the evolving needs of modern businesses:

  • Comprehensive uptime measurement: We’ve expanded our uptime measurement to include all relevant product categories (process, retain, analyze, and automate).
  • Availability guarantee of 99.95%/month for customers with an active Enterprise Success and Support subscription.
  • A fresh approach to status updates: We streamlined incident updates, ensuring they are easily consumable and provide clear and concise insights into the health of the Dynatrace product offering.

Enhanced uptime measurement

Our new SLA is tailored to reflect our current product offering and includes broad coverage of product functionality in the availability definitions. The current system status is reported on our status page in alignment with this, focusing on these four main categories:


Combines raw data collection, processing, and initial data storage for further deep processing within the Dynatrace platform.


Defines the ability of the Dynatrace platform to permanently store the data until the end of its retention period.


Offers the possibility to log in, access, and work with the data stored within Dynatrace via the web user interface or the API.


Refers to the product’s ability to trigger automations configured by the end user within the Dynatrace platform.

Introducing a new experience for Dynatrace Health Status

After analyzing the value Dynatrace provides and reviewing the information we share with you about the status of the Dynatrace platform, we redesigned the health reporting on https://status.dynatrace.com to provide you with a more transparent, intuitive, and streamlined experience.

Health status page
Health status page

Our status page offers clear and concise insights into the status of our services, allowing you to understand the quality of service you’re receiving at a glance.

The status is grouped by:

  • Geographic location (Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific) + Global Services
  • Four major product categories
  • Hyperscalers (AWS, Azure, GCP)

Streamline Incident Updates

We’ve focused on delivering incident updates in an easily understandable and visually appealing way. Our public status page now includes a separate section dedicated to the affected product functionality or area during an incident. Along with this, we provide a textual description of the scope of the incident, making it easy for you to understand if your operations are affected.

Incident updates, highlighting relevant information.
Incident updates, highlighting relevant information.

Subscribe to status updates

With our new public status page, you can now subscribe to status updates directly at https://status.dynatrace.com. This feature lets you stay informed about the status of our services in real time. You can receive updates via email, Microsoft Teams, or Slack notifications.

Status update Dynatrace

Confirmation of your signup is needed with a one-time link, emailed to your inbox. Subscription management allows the configuration of regions and global services for incident updates.

Notification subscription options
Notification subscription options


In our commitment to reliability, we chose an external vendor to ensure that status reporting and incident update notifications are still available even if our entire infrastructure were to be affected by an incident. This ensures that you’ll always stay informed, regardless of the circumstances.

What’s next

Looking ahead, we have exciting plans in store:

  • Adding availability metrics: We plan to add availability metrics for our four major product categories. This will provide you with even more detailed insights into our service performance.
  • More fine-grained configuration options: We are evaluating options for providing incident updates on an even more fine-grain basis based on your requirements and custom configurations. This solution will remain independent of Dynatrace SaaS infrastructure, further enhancing the reliability of our status updates.

Get started

Experience the power of our new SLA and Dynatrace Health Status, available as of March 2024. Join our community by subscribing to status updates at https://status.dynatrace.com, and unleash the full potential of a Dynatrace Enterprise Success and Support subscription.

Unleash the full potential of a Dynatrace Enterprise Success and Support subscription.