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How to perfect Cloud Foundry monitoring with Dynatrace Services

Cloud Foundry is a Platform-as-a-Service that consists of a set of open source tools that help you run applications at scale. Applications deployed on Cloud Foundry are usually run through technology-specific buildpacks that provide framework and runtime support for the applications. Due to the scale that Cloud Foundry applications grow to, and how distributed they are, this often results in a complexity that is beyond the scope of human beings to manage.

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Monitoring complex Cloud Foundry deployments is simple thanks to Dynatrace’s built-in capabilities for monitoring both the applications deployed in Cloud Foundry as well as the Cloud Foundry components and infrastructure that support these applications. Monitoring a Cloud Foundry deployment is as easy as deploying the Dynatrace Bosh add-on and restarting your applications. Once deployed Dynatrace automatically discovers, instruments, and baselines all the components of the stack and starts monitoring them in real-time.

As you scale, and the complexity of your Cloud Foundry deployment increases, keeping everything organized within the monitoring platform itself can be difficult. Properly naming, grouping, and tagging of all the various resources that Dynatrace monitors becomes critical, especially when you consider that Cloud Foundry deployments are often used by multiple, unrelated teams. Dynatrace solves this by automatically identifying metadata related to the Cloud Foundry entity such as organization, space, and application. Dynatrace also has the ability to name, tag, group, and personalize a Cloud Foundry monitoring environment based on the requirements of your enterprise.

Need help with monitoring your Cloud Foundry deployment?

The Dynatrace Services team offers expert resources in Cloud Foundry that will provide you with guidance and best practices for some of your most important questions:

  • How do I properly tag my applications deployed in Cloud Foundry?
  • How do I best segment multiple Cloud Foundry deployments?
  • How do I optimize my Dynatrace license usage?
  • How do I add custom metadata to my environment?
  • How do I change the way that Dynatrace names applications inside my environment?
  • How can I set up management zones to limit different teams’ access to Dynatrace ensuring that they will only have access to applications that they are responsible for?
  • And many more…

Through our partnership with Cloud Foundry, we have developed a best in class framework for growing and enabling your Cloud Foundry teams. One of our Dynatrace Experts will help you with all of your Cloud Foundry tasks, such as devising a strategy for tagging all your key components and using those tags to optimally group those resources using management zones. The team will work with you and, based on your requirements, deliver an approach and explain the “why” and “how,” so you can take that strategy and adjust it later if the requirements change. Dynatrace Services brings leadership, and knowledge, to the table to assist you with the challenges of monitoring modern, complex, and dynamic application environments running inside Cloud Foundry.

Keeping order and maximizing the benefits of your PCF monitoring has never been this easy!

Please contact your sales representative, client manager, or reach out to the team via Live Chat for more details and to engage the Services team.