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How Dynatrace and ServiceNow Event Management provide deep observability and rapid resolution

Businesses know that any service disruption can have detrimental business impact. With the increasing complexity of managing hybrid, multi-cloud, microservice environments, IT operations struggle with the lack of visibility into their environments and the ability to pinpoint root causes to remediate large scale incidences quickly.

Dynatrace and ServiceNow work together to provide an end-to-end observability solution to eliminate service outages. Dynatrace’s AI engine, Davis®, provides:

  • Automatic detection of software service and application availability (including microservices and containers)
  • Application and infrastructure data collection
  • Automatic dependency mapping of environment topology
  • Deterministic AI to pinpoint root cause, including container-based applications
  • Automatic detection of service health and performance incidences, which are synchronized into the Event Management Dashboard.

ServiceNow uses the data from Dynatrace, including correlation identifiers for affected hosts, to provide a single pane of glass across your IT landscape:

  • Insight into which business service was impacted
  • Prioritize event entries
  • Identify and prevent service outages

With ServiceNow capturing event alert data from Dynatrace, you get complete visibility, including code level metrics and tracing, to eliminate service outages. This means IT operations can proactively identify service outages by looking at alert conditions, correlating them with other events, and prioritizing by business impact with root cause analysis.

Rapidly understand impact to service. Visit our website or install the Dynatrace ServiceNow app within your own ServiceNow environment.