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Dynatrace SaaS on Azure now Generally Available

In September, we announced the availability of the Dynatrace Software Intelligence Platform on Microsoft Azure as a SaaS solution and natively in the Azure portal. Today, we are excited to provide an update that Dynatrace SaaS on Azure is now generally available (GA) to the public through Dynatrace sales channels.

Organizations are continuing to prioritize digital transformation as they race to keep up with evolving customer demands. Dynatrace SaaS availability on Azure helps the world’s largest organizations achieve this through enabling faster cloud adoption and more effective digital transformation. With this solution, customers will be able to use Dynatrace’s deep observability, advanced AIOps capabilities, and application security to all applications, services, and infrastructure, out-of-the-box. This enables organizations to tame cloud complexity, minimize risk, and reduce manual effort so teams can focus on driving innovation.

Additional benefits of Dynatrace SaaS on Azure include:

  • No infrastructure investment: Dynatrace manages the infrastructure for you, including automatic visibility, problem detection, and smart alerting across virtual networks, virtual infrastructure, and container orchestration. This means you no longer have to procure new hardware, which can be a time-consuming and expensive process. Additionally, the investment for on-prem installations is a lot more expensive to manage over time.
  • No operational duties: Dynatrace operates the product for you with auto-discovery of your entire stack, end-to-end, including processes running inside containers. Upgrades are automatic as well – you can control when they happen and Dynatrace does the rest. If any issues do arise on your SaaS tenant, Dynatrace is the first to respond and proactively prevent issues before the customer notices.
  • Security: Data is stored securely in the Dynatrace cloud (powered by Azure). Dynatrace captures all your data, including host and application metrics, basic-network metrics, real-user metrics, mobile metrics, cloud-infrastructure metrics, log metrics, and much more. As such data may contain private or sensitive user information, Dynatrace offers data masking features to assist in complying with data privacy and data protection obligations. All data at rest is stored in Azure Storage and is encrypted and decrypted using 256-bit AES encryption (FIPS 140-2 compliant).
  • SaaS-first innovation: Innovative product updates and features are released to SaaS first and then released to managed deployments later. At Dynatrace, we innovate faster and schedule releases more frequently on SaaS vs. our Managed deployments.
  • Scalability: Dynatrace provides easy and limitless horizontal scalability for SaaS deployments., and scales up as monitoring environments grow by simply adding nodes, with built-in failover and automatic load balancing to ensure optimal resource usage.
  • Reduced time-to-benefit: A traditional on-prem deployment model is time-consuming. You must procure hardware, install the OS on the server, install the application, and configure it. With SaaS, the applications and server now reside in the cloud on our Azure tenant. With a push of a button, Dynatrace automatically provisions and deploys your SaaS tenant on-demand in Azure. This provides major time savings, which teams can spend on other business priorities and initiatives.
  • Azure Region – Dynatrace SaaS on Azure will initially be available in two Azure regions: Azure US East (Virginia) and Azure EU West (Netherlands). More Azure regions will be brought online over time as customer demand follows.

Dynatrace is excited about our strategic partnership with Microsoft and the technology integrations and advancements we have made jointly over the past few years, as well as new ones to be announced. Check out Dynatrace’s listing in the Azure Marketplace to see how easy it is to get started.

If you would like to learn more about Dynatrace and Microsoft, check out our webinar for a deep dive on how Dynatrace can modernize your Azure operations.