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Dynatrace and Adobe Experience Manager: Seamless end-to-end observability

We're excited to announce the extended partnership between Dynatrace and Adobe. Adobe Experience Manager enables your organization to deliver personalized, content-led experiences, and Dynatrace extends this with seamless end-to-end observability. The integration delivers complete front-to-back observability for Adobe Experience Manager as a cloud service.

Companies face mounting pressure to digitally transform and deliver seamless cross-channel experiences. These experiences are critical not only for attracting new prospects and driving satisfaction but also for providing more value to customers and enabling business growth. Adobe Experience Manager empowers businesses to optimize and deliver engaging experiences across websites, mobile apps, and other touchpoints. As part of delivering a compelling experience, it is vital that companies develop a deeper understanding of their customers. As a result, user experiences can be optimized, and issues can be proactively addressed before customers become frustrated with errors or broken journeys.

End-to-end observability across every tier powering your digital experiences using RUM

Application owners and SREs often struggle to get a complete picture of the customer journey and are unable to pinpoint issues due to a lack of comprehensive visibility. As a result, it is difficult to ensure application efficiency and ensure accurate delivery across touchpoints. This lack of end-to-end visibility leads to blind spots that impact customer satisfaction.

The Dynatrace platform offers comprehensive observability and monitoring across the entire technology stack. By going beyond application performance monitoring with AI-powered, full stack observability, Dynatrace enables seamless end-to-end visibility. Furthermore, by integrating with Adobe Experience Manager, you get quick visibility, ensuring application efficiency across all channels and the ability to scale in support of even the largest Adobe Experience Manager instances.

Dynatrace automatically detects all Adobe Experience Manager applications and visualizes their dependencies—from the website, to the container, to the cloud service. This enables you to enrich your Adobe analytics data with end-to-end traces across all tiers and to get precise, real-time user insights. You can monitor Adobe Experience Manager instances intelligently and provide personalized, content-driven experiences without gaps or blind spots.

By relying on Dynatrace® Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) integrated with Adobe Experience Manager—specifically Real User Monitoring, Synthetic Monitoring, and Session Replay—you gain real-time insight into the user experience of their sites and applications. This capability extends across devices and geographies and includes critical front-end monitoring use cases like performance and availability monitoring, troubleshooting, root cause analysis, complaint resolution, and understanding user behavior. This allows teams to understand exactly where to make improvements in the Adobe Experience Manager stack and deliver a smoother, more personalized experience to customers.

Furthermore, Dynatrace turns analytics into real-time answers, enabling you to better understand how applications’ outages impact critical business metrics like conversions, revenue, and engagement. This actionable insight allows you to accelerate time to value, optimize customer experience, and meet your business needs.

Deliver excellent customer experience with the powerful Davis AI engine

The Dynatrace Davis® AI engine allows you to diagnose anomalies when they arise in real-time and pinpoint the root cause down to the broken code before your customers are affected. You can now proactively detect availability and performance issues across the stack.

By enabling faster identification of potential issues, you can reduce mean time to repair and minimize customer impact. With AI-powered observability, you can quickly troubleshoot complex environments like Adobe Experience Manager to maximize uptime and customer satisfaction. The result is a smooth, uninterrupted user experience.

Visit Adobe Experience Manager documentation to learn more about the Dynatrace integration

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