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Dynatrace Support Policy

Last updated: January 4, 2024


Dynatrace offers its customers (referred to herein as “Customer” or “you”) two tiers of “Support”: Dynatrace Standard Support, or Dynatrace Enterprise Support.

Our Support organization comprises a team of individuals who work together to provide dependable and timely resolution to your inquiries. For complex problems, our support team has access to the experts in our product development teams. Therefore, you have access to the right level of our expertise when you need it.

Requests for Support may be made through any of the channels described herein. By requesting Support, you agree to provide Dynatrace with reasonable information and assistance to facilitate performance of Support, including, without limitation, a clear description of the issue, related files and artifacts to assist with troubleshooting, cooperation to reproduce errors, and engage our team consistent with the Positive Environment described below.

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Self Help Resources

In addition to the Support offering described herein, Dynatrace makes other resources available to Customers who need help. Customers are responsible for evaluating any guidance found through these self-help options before implementing any suggested steps. The self-help resources are:

* Information submitted to the Dynatrace Community is publicly available to other community members, so Customer is advised not to submit any confidential or sensitive information. Dynatrace is not responsible for the validity or content of any third-party information displayed through the Dynatrace Community (including advice from other Dynatrace customers or Dynatrace personnel), and the Dynatrace Community is not part of Support as provided by Dynatrace.

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Standard Support

All Dynatrace customers receive the following support resources during Business Hours (defined under “Contacting Dynatrace Support” below):

  • In-Product Assistance: When you have any type of product question or concern, you can have a live chat with a Dynatrace expert from anywhere within the Dynatrace Platform. Simply click on the help icon from within your Dynatrace environment to start a chat.
  • Support Requests: Customers may create and manage their support ticket via the Dynatrace Support Center at https://support.dynatrace.com/. Please see the section below titled “Contacting Dynatrace Support” for details on hours, initial response times, and frequency of status updates.

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Enterprise Success and Support

Customers with an active Enterprise Success and Support (Enterprise Support) subscription will have access to all the resources identified above for Standard Support plus additional resources, including the following :

  • Extended coverage for in-product assistance and technical support: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (excludes Dynatrace for Government which is 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM ET, 7 days a week).
  • Priority Handling: Requests via our in-product assistance receive priority handling by our product experts. In addition, Enterprise Support provides reduced initial response times, and may offer to engage directly via Zoom (or other video conferencing solution you specify) to expedite initial triage and information gathering and provide more frequent status updates (Severity 1 issues).
  • Support Leadership Access: Enterprise Support provides Customers with access to Support leadership for the highest level of attention and accountability. This ensures that critical issues receive the necessary focus and resources for successful resolution.
  • Support Engagement Overview & Analysis: Dynatrace will provide Customers with an overview and analysis of their support engagement, helping them understand the utilization of support services, identify trends, and derive insights to optimize their Dynatrace environment.
  • Customer Success Manager (CSM): As part of Enterprise Support, Dynatrace will assign a named Customer Success Manager to Customer. The CSM will serve as a point-of-contact, focused on driving success and accelerating the value derived from Dynatrace.
    • Personalized Success Plan: The CSM will partner with Customer and other technical resources assigned to the Customer as applicable to build a personalized success plan, which outlines specific goals and objectives aligned with Customer's business requirements and digital transformation initiatives. The success plan will serve as a roadmap to achieve desired outcomes using Dynatrace.
    • Guidance and Check-ins: The CSM will provide ongoing guidance and support, including regular check-ins and Success Reviews, to track progress, identify opportunities for improvement, and ensure Customer is optimizing the usage and benefits of Dynatrace.
  • Customer Success Engineer (CSE): As part of Enterprise Support, Dynatrace will assign a named Customer Success Engineer to Customer. The CSE will serve as a technical point of contact, providing proactive assistance, guidance, and expert advice to ensure Customer understands and realizes the full value available with Dynatrace.
    • Proactive Account Assessments: In coordination with other technical resources that may be assigned to Customer, the CSE will conduct periodic assessments of Customer's Dynatrace environment, as needed. Based on these assessments, the CSE will provide recommendations, best practices, and actionable insights to optimize the usage and performance of Dynatrace.

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Contacting Dynatrace Support

Dynatrace uses a ticketing system to log Incidents, set priorities, and manage response times from Dynatrace’s receipt of a Support request for an Incident. As used in this Support Policy:

“Business Day” means a calendar day, excluding weekends, local statutory or Dynatrace corporate holidays.

“Business Hours” means 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (local time) on Business Days (for Standard Support).

“Documentation” means the then-current technical and non-technical specifications applicable to the Dynatrace Platform contained in the user, system, specification, support, and configuration documentation made generally available to Dynatrace customers.

“Incident” means a failure of the Dynatrace Platform to operate in material compliance with the Documentation.

“Workaround” means a configuration change, manual procedure, or other measure designed to mitigate this incident without substantially impairing Customer’s use of the Dynatrace Platform.

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Dynatrace Support Plans

In the event of an Incident, Dynatrace will respond to associated Support requests in accordance with our Support ticket response times as more fully described below.

Response times

Initial Contact SLA

Standard Support

Enterprise Support

1: Critical

4 Business hours

30 minutes

2: High

Next business day

4 hours

3: Medium

2 Business days

1 Business day

4: Low

4 Business days

2 Business days

Severity classifications



1. Critical

Dynatrace Platform or Customer’s monitored production application unavailable. No workaround available.

2. High

Partial Dynatrace Platform downtime, core functionality not available, or significantly degraded monitored application performance. No Workaround available.

3. Medium

Non-critical loss or impact to the Dynatrace Platform or monitored application. Workaround available.

4. Low

Other Dynatrace Platform defects, documentation errors, or other low priority issue.

Version support*

Product & Component

Standard Support

Enterprise Support

Dynatrace SaaS:


9 months

12 months


9 months

12 months

Dynatrace Managed:


9 months

12 months


9 months

12 months

Cluster (Cluster updates are fully automated. Customers may delay updates but cannot skip them.)

3 months

4 months

* Timeframes indicated commence upon version release date.

More details on supported versions can be found here.

Standard Support

Enterprise Support

SaaS Platform SLA



Additional information on platform SLAs can be found at https://www.dynatrace.com/company/trust-center/sla/

Miscellaneous Terms


Support is currently offered in English only.

Positive Environment

Dynatrace is committed to a workplace where all Dynatrace customers and employees feel valued and respected. Dynatrace employees and customers are expected to adhere to the highest levels of ethical and professional conduct that is free of harassment, intimidation, bias and unlawful discrimination of any kind, including discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, color, religion, veteran status, national origin, ancestry, pregnancy status, sex, gender identity or expression, age, marital status, mental or physical disability, medical condition, sexual orientation or any other characteristics protected by law. Dynatrace asks that Customer remains professional and courteous to our Support team members who are working with you on your query. If you are not able to do so, and/or you violate any of our policies, Dynatrace reserves the right to take the necessary steps to protect our teams to ensure a healthy working environment, which may include limiting Support. If you believe these standards have been violated, you may report potential violations by any of the following methods:

We will promptly and thoroughly investigate any complaints and take appropriate action.


Support excludes the following:

  • Free and pre-commercial services - Any free or trial use, or other services provided without charge, or any alpha, beta, early adopter or other access provided prior to the general release of a Dynatrace product or capability (or feature or functionality thereof) to be commercially available to all Dynatrace customers.
  • Custom apps or extensions (including their code) developed through the use of the Dynatrace AppEngine® or otherwise, whether by customer, partners or other third parties.
  • Custom apps or extensions developed by Dynatrace as part of a professional services engagement. Any support of the foregoing, as a professional service, is subject to mutual agreement in a statement of work.
  • Third-party technologies, extensions, and contributions available either through the Dynatrace Hub (the “Hub”) or elsewhere, unless expressly identified as Dynatrace-supported on the Hub.
  • Issues arising from any use in violation of the customer use responsibilities or restrictions in your agreement with Dynatrace.
  • Support does not include on-site support, consulting (including custom work on Customer’s network), system design, coding, project or facility management.
  • Unsupported versions as defined in the Version Support table above.


Dynatrace may update this Support Policy from time to time, provided that the level of support will not materially decrease during the applicable subscription term. The then-current Support Policy is available in the Dynatrace Support Center.