Dynatrace SaaS Service Level Agreement (SLA)

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Service Commitment

Dynatrace will use commercially reasonable efforts to make the Dynatrace SaaS Monitoring Service available with a Monthly Uptime Percentage (defined below) of at least 99.5%. In the event Dynatrace does not meet the Service Commitment, you will be eligible to receive a Service Credit as described below.


  • "Monthly Uptime Percentage" is calculated by subtracting from 100% the percentage of minutes during the calendar month in which Dynatrace SaaS was in the state of "Unavailable."
  • A Dynatrace SaaS environment is in the state of "Unavailable", if this environment does not receive any data from all Dynatrace Agents of this environment. Planned and unplanned down times are announced at https://dynatrace.status.io/ and are counted as "Unavailable" state. All kinds of third-party issues - especially AWS issues (typically announced at http://status.aws.amazon.com/) and provider issues affecting Dynatrace Synthetic locations - and issues on customer-side are excluded!

Service Credits

Service Credits are calculated as a percentage of the total charges paid by you (excluding one-time payments and upfront payments) for the affected Dynatrace SaaS environment (whichever was unavailable) for the monthly billing cycle in which the unavailability occurred in accordance with the schedule below:

Uptime Percentage per Calendar Month Service Credit Percentage
Less than 99.5% but greater or equal than 99.0% 10% credits on the bill of the affected billing month
Less than 99.0% 30% credits on the bill of the affected billing month


Because the billing month and the calendar month can differ, the credits will be computed for the billing month in which the Unavailability incident happened. Dynatrace will apply any Service Credits only against future payments. Service Credits will not entitle you to any refund or other payment from Dynatrace. A Service Credit will be applicable and issued only if the credit amount for the applicable monthly billing cycle is greater than one dollar ($1 USD). Service Credits may not be transferred or applied to any other account or environment. Unless otherwise provided in the Dynatrace SaaS Agreement, your sole and exclusive remedy for any unavailability, non-performance, or other failure by us to provide Dynatrace SaaS is the receipt of a Service Credit (if eligible) in accordance with the terms of this SLA.

Credit Request and Payment Procedures

To receive a Service Credit, you must submit a claim by opening a Dynatrace Support Ticket. To be eligible, the credit request must be received by us by the end of the second billing cycle after which the incident occurred and must include:

  1. the words "SLA Credit Request" in the subject line;
  2. the dates and times of each Unavailability incident that you are claiming;
  3. the URL (<environment_id>.live.dynatrace.com) of the affected Dynatrace SaaS environment; and
  4. the Dynatrace SaaS logs (/Dynatrace/oneagent/log) from the affected hosts, that you copied immediately after you experience an Unavailability incident. In case the log packages cannot be uploaded to the opened Dynatrace SaaS Support Ticket, please keep the logs in evidence as long as we provide a proper upload possibility.

If the Monthly Uptime Percentage of such request is confirmed by us and is less than the Service Commitment, then we will issue the Service Credit to you within one billing cycle following the month in which your request is confirmed by us. Your failure to provide the request and other information as required above will disqualify you from receiving a Service Credit.