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Enhancing Azure data analytics and Azure observability with Dynatrace Grail

Azure observability and Azure data analytics are critical requirements amid the deluge of data in Azure cloud computing environments. As digital transformation accelerates and more organizations are migrating workloads to Azure and other cloud environments, they need observability and data analytics capabilities that can keep pace. Dynatrace recently announced the availability of its latest core innovations for customers running the Dynatrace® platform on Microsoft Azure, including Grail.

“Observability and application security have become essential for organizations as they embrace cloud-native development and migrate more workloads to Microsoft Azure,” said Alvaro Celis, VP of Solutions Areas for ISV Sales at Microsoft. “The Dynatrace platform delivers precise AI-powered answers and intelligent automation that organizations can use to streamline their cloud operations to innovate faster and more securely.”

Dynatrace Grail™ data lakehouse unifies the massive volume and variety of observability, security, and business data from cloud-native, hybrid, and multicloud environments while retaining the data’s context to deliver instant, cost-efficient, and precise analytics. Continue reading to learn why this is important and what it means for Azure customers.

Digital transformation 2.0 requires Azure observability

Data has become a pivotal asset in the current IT landscape, and AI has unequivocally become the linchpin for differentiation. These dynamics orchestrate a multifaceted overhaul of the business terrain, including processes and operations, and require teams to explore new approaches. As we stand on the cusp of a new era of digital transformation, aptly termed as “2.0,” this paradigm shift is evident in groundbreaking advancements such as cashless retail environments, AI-powered customer service chatbots, front-office robotic process automation, and the burgeoning edge economy.

Thriving in this digital era requires a unified approach to observability, security, and business data analytics built on AI, analytics, and automation capabilities.

Transforming business with Azure data analytics

In the evolution towards digital and cloud-native solutions, the ability to efficiently manage vast amounts of data is imperative. Possessing data is a fraction of the equation; the true value lies in the capability to strategically utilize and harness greater insights from this data to drive innovation and sustainable growth moving forward. This impending deluge calls for a forward-looking approach to data management and utilization, built on AI and automation, to elevate strategic business growth.

Organizations need precise answers from unified data in context. Dynatrace Grail breaks down silos and unifies all observability, security, and business data. As a causational data lakehouse, Grail retains complete context across all types of data. With Grail, organizations can obtain precise answers to their questions – even for questions they haven’t thought of yet.

“Dynatrace provides improved visibility into the code running the OneStream platform on Microsoft Azure, enabling our engineering teams to constantly improve the user experiences our customers have grown to trust,” said Ryan Berry, SVP of Architecture at OneStream. “The capabilities unlocked by capturing, surfacing, aggregating, and reporting on both application and infrastructure telemetry, combined with Dynatrace’s AI-based, per-customer learning and alerting, help us provide our customers with a more consistent and durable experience. We are excited about the introduction of new Dynatrace technologies, including Grail, that will enable us to increase our operational efficiency further.”

In addition to Grail, Dynatrace recently announced the availability of the latest core innovations for customers running the Dynatrace platform on Microsoft Azure which include the following:

  • Dynatrace® AutomationEngine features a no- and low-code toolset and leverages Davis® AI to empower teams to create and extend customized, intelligent, and secure workflow automation across their cloud ecosystem.
  • Dynatrace® AppEngine features a no- and low-code toolset and leverages Davis AI to empower teams to easily create and share custom, intelligent, and secure apps that leverage the insights from the data generated by their clouds.
  • The new Dynatrace user experience, including powerful dashboarding capabilities and interactive Dynatrace Notebooks, drives tighter cross-team collaboration and enables more people within an organization to make data-backed decisions.

“Thriving in the digital era requires a unified approach to observability, security, and business data analytics,” said Steve Tack, SVP of Product Management at Dynatrace. “Bringing our latest platform technologies to Microsoft Azure enables more customers and teams within organizations to harness our industry-leading AI, analytics, and automation capabilities to modernize cloud operations, expedite releases of high-quality and secure software, and ensure flawless digital experiences for their users.”

Harnessing the power of AI and automation for Azure data analytics

AI is transforming business. Generative AI has become an increasingly prevalent topic and even more so to accelerate the need for data-driven analytics and automation to handle the growth in workloads. Just as AI is transforming business, it’s also transformed how we think about observability. Automation and AI are critical to achieving deep cloud observability, and in order to keep up with the changing landscape, it’s fundamental.

Dynatrace is helping enterprises overcome these limitations with new innovative platform features designed to enable businesses to harness the immense opportunities presented by the ongoing digital revolution. In addition to Grail and the latest core innovations, Dynatrace has also announced the expansion of Davis® AI engine to create the industry’s first hypermodal artificial intelligence (AI) designed to increase productivity across business, development, security, and operations teams by delivering generative AI recommendations with precise context.

A modern approach: Unified observability built for the cloud

The digital landscape is evolving at a more rapid rate than ever. As enterprises continue to invest in cloud initiatives, it’s imperative for organizations to evaluate whether these investments are optimized to scale efficiently and seamlessly to prioritize the next mission-critical goal for the business. Thriving in the digital era requires a unified approach to observability, security, and business data analytics built on AI, analytics, and automation capabilities.

Dynatrace helps organizations that are migrating to Azure and other clouds to attain Azure observability and Azure data analysis in a way that’s designed to scale with increasing business demands.

Learn more about the latest product enhancements on Microsoft Azure as well as availability timing in the latest Dynatrace press release.