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AI-powered observability operated on Microsoft Azure in Switzerland

After meeting the necessary requirements, we are excited to announce that the Dynatrace AI-powered platform as a SaaS on Microsoft Azure is now available in Switzerland. This represents the first observability solution available to Microsoft customers as a Switzerland-based SaaS deployment.

In the past, regulations and special requirements for customers residing in Switzerland made it difficult to leverage the full power of a SaaS offering. Now, Dynatrace is available in Microsoft’s Switzerland North Azure region. This means that Swiss customers can benefit from the powerful, end-to-end observability, and continuous runtime application security enabled by Dynatrace hosted in Azure.

The move to SaaS

By utilizing services and solutions from the Azure infrastructure, organizations can leverage all the power that the Dynatrace SaaS model provides. A crucial benefit of using a SaaS solution is that the operation of those services is the responsibility of the SaaS provider, and in this case, Dynatrace. This ensures efficient operation, built-in security, and the latest innovations and features delivered seamlessly in a bi-weekly release cycle.

However, for some, moving to a SaaS solution implies giving up control of certain aspects. One concern is that customers no longer have full control over where a solution is operated and where their data is stored. To address the special requirements of local data residency for Swiss customers, Dynatrace made its AI-powered platform available in the Azure Switzerland North region.

Dynatrace addresses data security requirements for Swiss customers

In preparation for extending the regional presence of the Dynatrace platform, we carefully analyzed the requirements of our Swiss customers. Through customer interviews, we identified mandatory data residency requirements that necessitate hosting the Dynatrace platform in Switzerland.

Legal regulations. For many Swiss customers, legal regulations (for example, FINMA, the Financial Market Infrastructure Ordinance for the finance sector) require that SaaS solutions be operated in a Swiss data center.

Obligations to end users. Even customers who aren’t directly bound by such regulations often face obligations from their end users (for example, as guaranteed in general terms of service) to maintain all user data in Switzerland.

Using the newly available Dynatrace platform on Azure in Switzerland assures that all customer data remains in a Swiss data center. This includes all data that Dynatrace and its customers ingest (for example, OneAgent data, RUM data, and OpenTelemetry data) and the data the platform stores and generates for customers (for example, audit logs and metrics). A comprehensive set of security controls assures the transparent and secure operation of customer environments by Dynatrace on behalf of its customers.

Azure Native Dynatrace Service available for Swiss customers

With the availability of the Dynatrace SaaS platform on Azure in Switzerland, the Azure Native Dynatrace Service integration is also enabled for all customers in Switzerland. This allows customers to use Dynatrace integrated with Microsoft Azure, including a fully automated setup and configuration of Dynatrace from the Azure marketplace/console. Customers can use their Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC) to purchase Dynatrace directly from the Azure marketplace.

“Azure’s security and global reach means you can own your data, control it, and choose where it’s located. We are excited that with the availability of Azure Native Dynatrace Service in the Switzerland North (Zurich) region, our Swiss customers have access to an enterprise-grade observability solution that meets local data privacy regulations and empowers developers and IT admins to effortlessly monitor their cloud applications.”

Ashish Shah, Partner Director of Engineering, Azure Developer Experiences

Upgrade to Dynatrace SaaS in Switzerland

If you’re an existing Dynatrace customer, please contact us to learn how to best upgrade to Dynatrace SaaS on Azure in Switzerland. Dynatrace offers a comprehensive set of services to upgrade to Dynatrace SaaS. An overview of how to upgrade is available in our guide, Upgrade to Dynatrace SaaS, or contact our team for further information.

Get started with the AI-powered Dynatrace platform on Microsoft Azure in Switzerland

If you want to try out Dynatrace hosted on Microsoft Azure in Switzerland, or learn more about the Azure Native Dynatrace Service, check out the marketplace listing, or contact us for further information.

To learn more about the availability of the Dynatrace platform on Microsoft Azure in Switzerland, read the press release.