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Web application monitoring

Seamlessly integrate real user monitoring and synthetic monitoring to gain proactive and real-time visibility into user experience. Continuously monitor application performance, fix issues faster, understand user behavior, and optimize customer experience.

Analyze user behavior to optimize customer experience

Dynatrace Real User Monitoring provides out-of-the-box insights into user behavior with end-to-end monitoring of every single customer journey, powered by artificial intelligence.

  • Focus on relevant entry points and conversions when optimizing performance
  • Track customer adoption for new feature development
  • See where your customers are dropping off and eliminate costly technical issues

Continuously monitor applications to meet SLAs

Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring ensures applications are available and performing well across 5 continents to meet SLAs and provide a positive user experience.

  • Ensure that your key APIs, web pages, and mobile pages perform properly from all customer locations, all the time
  • Analyze data from across the internet to isolate issues from the edge all the way to your application hosting environment
  • Test across all major desktop and mobile browsers to comprehensively simulate customer journeys from thousands of locations around the world

Quickly identify JavaScript errors

JavaScript errors can render an entire page unresponsive to the end user. Especially for single-page apps, it is crucial to find JavaScript errors quickly, prioritize those with the biggest impact, and fix them before negative impact to end user performance.

  • See the number of errors for a particular time frame
  • Understand which user actions are affected by the errors
  • View the distribution of browsers, including versions, on which the end users are experiencing them

Manage CDN and third party providers

Up to two-thirds of single-page application content comes from CDN or third-party providers. They have a bigger impact on your applications than your own datacenter. Constantly seeing the errors and performance issues is key to understanding the impact on your users and business results.

  • See how Third Party provider performance affects users
  • Monitor whether your providers meet their SLAs
  • Quickly understand CDN performance by region
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The digital experience playbook

How to drive business value through digital experience monitoring

With real user monitoring and synthetic monitoring, you can gain proactive and real-time visibility into the user experience. With the right digital experience monitoring (DEM) approach, organizations can achieve the insight needed to drive business value through DX. 

In this eBook, you'll discover how you can proactively optimize business outcomes and address DX issues before your bottom line suffers by learning how to:

  • Measure digital experience with DEM  
  • Extend DEM through your environment  
  • Connect DX to business outcomes

Download the digital experience playbook today and learn how to design your user experiences to drive better business outcomes.

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Dynatrace is a G2 Leader in Website Monitoring

Dynatrace has been named a Leader among products in Website Monitoring Software. These user ratings reflect the advantage of Dynatrace’s all-in-one-platform, which was made for IT, DevOps, and digital experience use cases, and built on a unified data model to enable increased automation and intelligence.
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