Fact sheet guidelines

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Document margins

Worldwide there are two main paper size standards which includes the popular A4 size, it is the international standard used by almost every country. The only exceptions are United States and Canada, where the "Letter" is more common. It's up to you to decide which format you need.

Paper formats and margins

Font styles

Where to find "Bernina Sans"? Dynatrace employees can download this font at our internal Dynatrace asset library.


Font-style: Bernina Sans, Light; Size: 18px; Line height: 20px; CMYK 70/24/0/0 Headline


Font-style: Bernina Sans, Regular; Size: 11px; Line height: 18px; CMYK 0/0/0/86 subheadline

Plain text

Font-style: Bernina Sans, Regular; Size: 8px; Line height: 12px; CMYK 0/0/0/86

Header section

The background of this introduction part has to be shaded in blue CMYK 70/24/0/0

introduction fact sheet Headline style: Bernina Sans, Light; Size: 24px; Line height: 28px; Color: white Subheadline style: Bernina Sans, Regular; Size: 14px; Line height: 24px; Color: white Plain text style: Bernina Sans, Regular; Size: 9px; Line height: 13px; Color: white



Columns in fact sheets


Quotations in fact sheets


If you want to incorporate logos from different technologies or customer, please make sure to use a version which is up-to-date. To make it look more suitable to our coloring appearance, just convert the logos into grayscale. To ensure the best quality try to provide vector graphics (.ai or .svg) or high resolution images (min 200-300 dpi). For a better identification please don't use technology icons from our asset-library. the reason is that those icons are made for the product itself and they are mostly signet only.

Logos in fact sheets


If you want to use a screenshot, please make sure to place it inside a device.

Screenshot in fact sheet

Partner section

Every fact-sheet comes up with some free space on the bottom of the second page. This area is used to introduce a partner and should be filled with a small paragraph and a logo. With the suggested font-styles there should be space for at least five lines of text. Please do not place any content beyond the red marked area as you can see in the graphic below.

Font-styles: Font: Bernina Sans, Regular Size: 7px Line height: 10px Color: CMYK 0/0/0/59 Style: justify

Partner section in fact sheets

Footer section in fact sheets