Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring

Measure and compare your mobile and web channels with the world’s best testing network

Trouble can’t hide in the shadows any more

Don’t let problems in the making slip through the cracks. Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring uses all major desktop and mobile browsers to comprehensively simulate customer journeys from thousands of locations around the world. Anticipate your customers’ experiences from end-to-end with deep collective intelligence powered by 1.5 billion daily measurements.

Synthetic Monitoring

Synthetic Value Statement

Around the clock

Fixing problems takes up how much of your day? Whatever it is, cut by 10X with our analytics engine. Analyze hundreds of tests executions and thousands of objects in seconds and rank problems by importance. Now what can you can accomplish before dinner?

Synthetic Value Statement

Around the world

Failing your customers isn’t an option. From the Andes to the Arctic, quantify the breadth and impact of performance issues everywhere your customers are. Define and analyze their journeys with actions they’d actually take―like logging and checking out. See the world without leaving your chair.

Synthetic Value Statement

Fast enough to win

Win the customer loyalty race every time. Benchmark your site’s performance directly against your competition to know exactly where you stand. Optimize your performance with techniques used by industry leaders to achieve superior results. We tell you when “fast” is really fast enough to win.

At Pandora, we’re all about the user experience so performance is extremely important. Dynatrace helps me to benchmark to make sure that everyone is meeting our SLA.
Our end-user experience is what makes us successful. Dynatrace gives us the ability to catch any problems before they happen as we continue to improve our site.

The largest purpose-built global testing and monitoring network

Your web and mobile strategy is only as strong as the data that drives it. Synthetic Monitoring runs on the industry’s most comprehensive monitoring network. With 100+ dedicated, clean-room, top tier internet service providers, 3G/4G wireless carrier locations across every connected continent, and 10,000+ in-home computers and last mile DSL connections, we’re everywhere your users are.

Dynatrace Internet Health Map

Dynatrace Digital Experience

The new standard in digital experience

Now with the addition of Keynote, Dynatrace offers the most advanced and extensive platform for web monitoring available today. No other provider can match the breadth of measurements collected across both Keynote and Dynatrace platforms, or the expertise in web and mobile performance delivered by our Synthetic/UEM Managed Services Insights team.

An essential ingredient for digital performance management success

Providing meaningful and actionable customer and user insights to all stakeholders—digital business owners, IT operations and developers—demands end-to-end visibility of every digital interaction. The integrations between Synthetic Monitoring and the rest of Dynatrace’s APM family let you drill in a click from web monitoring anomalies to back-end details, and vice-versa.

Dynatrace Digital Performance Management

Digital Experience Report Webinar

Digital Experience Report Webinar

Join us to find out which retail, finance, insurance, media, travel and hospitality companies’ user experiences blew their competition out of the water in 2015.

T-Mobile – Going Beyond Page Speed

Understand and optimize each customer’s journey across channels

Find out how T-Mobile used their own business and visitor data to redefine ‘fast’ for every customer

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Free Performance Test

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