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Engaging customers via web and mobile channels has never been more important or challenging as consumers shift away from legacy media to digital platforms carrying the promise of 24/7 availability and faster, more personalized service. In order to respond to the demand for speed, convenience, and a higher level of service online, many firms are now looking to user behavior analytics tools and end user experience monitoring tools to help them better understand their customers—whether on the web or via mobile apps.

By monitoring user interactions with a website or mobile app and tracking, collecting, and analyzing user experience metrics, user behavior analytics tools provide companies with actionable intelligence—information enabling them to improve the effectiveness of digital channels and foster customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty.

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Leveraging user behavior analytics tools to improve the user experience of digital platforms

User behavior analytics tools give you insight into the behavior of your app’s users or online customers, exposing three critical aspects of the user journey:

User behavior analytics tools help you identify the most common user paths through your website or app, the most popular landing pages, how users find your website, where users drop off, and more. User behavior analytics tools can reveal potential stumbling blocks or points of friction interrupting the user flow while showing where users pay the most attention. As website performance tools, user behavior analytics tools expose the strengths and weaknesses of your digital platform, allowing you to better optimize navigation menus and conversion funnels and improve the overall user experience.

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Obtain essential digital performance insight with omni-channel application and user behavior analytics tools

Dynatrace is a comprehensive digital performance management platform that helps you identify user behavior patterns, monitor individual user journeys, and diagnose and resolve problems affecting the user’s experience of your digital platforms.

Combining application and real user monitoring capabilities with user behavior and software analytics tools, Dynatrace empowers your teams to learn more about your users individually and in aggregate—to monitor and optimize critical stages of the conversion funnel and to identify and fix application performance issues proactively. Integrating AI-empowered software analytics, Dynatrace automatically detects common architectural and performance patterns, highlighting areas in need of attention, so your teams can take action fast—before users become frustrated.

Incorporating mobile app monitoring and mobile app analytics tools, Dynatrace enables omni-channel digital experience management, letting you monitor and compare user behavior, user satisfaction, and conversion trends across your web, mobile web, and mobile app channels from a single pane of glass.

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