Web Page Performance Test

The web page performance test was developed in response to the need of organizations to test site performance and verify that their web pages—their most accessible communications, advertising, and brand management channels, and for many, their primary source of revenue—can effectively support business initiatives.

Delivering superior website performance to customers is critical to business success today. To keep pace with market demand, businesses are compelled to deliver engaging online experiences at the level of speed, quality, and reliability consumers now expect. Proactively implementing a web page performance test is one way organizations can spare end users from frustrating experiences like slow page loads and failed transactions, glitches in performance that result in lost revenue and damaged brand reputation.

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Using the Web Page Performance Test to Prioritize Performance

A web page performance test enables your organization to detect bottlenecks and diagnose web application performance problems before they become customer problems. By capturing performance metrics such as response time and availability, a web page performance test also allows you to benchmark your site’s performance against those of your competitors and industry leaders. A site performance test provides your company with the metrics necessary for defining key performance objectives and establishing a culture of performance excellence throughout the organization. Equipped with the quantitative measures obtained by web performance testing tools, web application stakeholders are able to create shared goals for improvement, make informed decisions about investments in optimization projects, and monitor the progress of existing implementations.

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Comprehensive dashboards makes it easy to compare key metrics across all channels.

Using the Web Page Performance Test to Mitigate Risk

Testing website performance is also a smart risk mitigation strategy. Before expected spikes in traffic and when launching new web applications or deploying new infrastructure, conducting load and performance testing can help your organization ensure the consistent speed, availability and stability of your website. When employed in combination with ongoing web performance monitoring, a web page performance test can also be utilized to test the key business transactions that your site’s users access most often, and evaluate the performance of your site when accessed from the various geographical locations, operating systems, and web browsers of your customers.

The customizable dashboard shows all important facts of your Java web application in one spot

The Comprehensive Web Page Performance Test Solution from Dynatrace

The leader in a new generation of application performance management (APM), Dynatrace offers our customers the most advanced, effective, and accurate web performance testing solution on the market. The unique features of our web performance solution include:

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