Mobile application performance testing

Companies that recognize the importance of mobile as a communications and marketing channel are turning to mobile application performance testing and mobile website testing tools to assess and improve the performance of their mobile applications and websites. Today’s mobile users are demanding. They want slick, feature-rich mobile apps that are fast and responsive no matter the device, location or network. When they run into glitches, consumers want immediate fixes. Mobile application performance testing and mobile monitoring solutions help companies provide their customers with intelligently optimized mobile applications and a consistently positive user experience.

Comprehensive dashboards makes it easy to compare key metrics across all channels.

Synthetic Mobile Application Performance Testing: Preparing Your Apps for Today’s Competitive Marketplace

Easily frustrated by hangs and crashes, consumers are quick to delete, replace, and negatively review poorly performing apps. That’s why it’s essential for developers to proactively test applications using mobile application performance testing and mobile app monitoring software—to identify and resolve problems before unforgiving users do.

Dynatrace’s synthetic app monitoring solution allows you to leverage the world’s largest, most accurate network for measuring the performance of your web and mobile applications.

View Mobile and Website Performance Benchmarks By Industry and Geography

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An Integrated Mobile Application Performance Testing and Monitoring Solution

At Dynatrace, our app performance management experts realize that synthetic testing is valuable but not a complete solution to maintaining high-performing mobile and web applications. So we’ve developed a powerful yet lightweight mobile APM solution suite that integrates synthetic testing with end-to-end application.

Using out-of-the-box dashboards, you can verify and manage the performance of all of your web, mobile web, native and hybrid applications:

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