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In agile app development environments, the right mobile monitoring app can help developers and app owners optimize the user experience by allowing them to not only monitor and track mobile app performance in the wild but also collect data on user context and behavior.

Mobile device form factors, operating systems, and user expectations are always changing. Mobile apps must be constantly updated, tested, and redesigned to ensure stable performance and deliver a satisfying end user experience—on every device, OS, and mobile network. In this uncertain environment, a mobile monitoring app can enable organizations to promote their mobile offering confidently, knowing that their apps are performing as intended and that users are not struggling with their product.

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What to look for in a mobile monitoring app: essential capabilities for mobile-first organizations

While synthetic performance and load testing is an important part of mobile app development and delivery, implementing mobile application management throughout the application lifecycle is essential for the long-term success of your app—whether it’s a consumer-facing product, business product, or employee-focused service.

A basic mobile monitoring app is useful for detecting crashes and other performance issues resulting from errors and weaknesses in your application’s code. But tackling the complexities of today’s mobile apps, which are dependent on various third-party APIs and backend services, requires more sophisticated mobile analytics tools that can provide you with deep technical insight into all performance problems and a complete view of the mobile app ecosystem.

For organizations that want to maximize the value of their mobile investments, in addition to crash reporting—your mobile monitoring app should include the following capabilities:

Mobile Monitoring & Omni-Channel

An omni-channel monitoring solution from Dynatrace: user experience management

For organizations with forward-thinking digital strategies, Dynatrace has created an omni-channel user experience monitoring solution that offers superior visibility into the performance of your digital touchpoints—from the perspective of the end user. Integrating powerful crash diagnostics with real-time usage analytics, Dynatrace User Experience Management goes beyond the one-dimensional mobile monitoring app and captures all user visits, transactions, and client-side errors—across your web, mobile web, and mobile applications.

Through easy-to-use dashboards, your teams can swiftly identify and resolve performance issues causing user frustration and analyze the impact of performance degradation on business metrics. Leveraging detailed data on the availability of third-party services and the behavior and context of your users, your organization can better manage SLAs and invest smarter in user experience optimization efforts.

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