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As mobile devices continue to evolve and infiltrate every part of our lives, app developers and owners must seek ways to improve mobile app performance and deliver a satisfying end user experience on every device in order to lead markets and keep users engaged with their brand.

In competitive marketplaces, a high-ranking consumer mobile app can attract new audiences, improve customer loyalty, and enhance your brand image. In forward-thinking companies, a well-received enterprise mobile app can boost employee efficiency and productivity. And the success of all mobile app endeavors, whether B2C, B2B, or B2E, depends on the quality of the user experience delivered. By enabling your organization to measure and manage crucial aspects of mobile app performance and optimize the mobile user experience, a mobile-ready user experience monitoring solution can help you overcome the challenges of fragmented mobile ecosystems and ensure the success of your mobile investment.

Mobile Monitoring & Omni-Channel on all devices

Ensuring superior mobile app performance on every device, OS, and network

Because of the distributed nature of mobile applications, monitoring all critical aspects of mobile app performance isn’t easy, and may require the use of sophisticated mobile analytics tools in order to get a complete picture of the user experience.

To ensure a superior UX on every device, OS, and network, many organizations will choose to implement some form of synthetic performance and load testing on their apps in pre-production. Mobile app performance testing allows developers to compare application performance across devices, operating systems, and wireless carriers and verify the availability and scalability of affiliated systems and services. In production, app owners, IT operations teams, and developers may employ a mobile monitoring app or more sophisticated mobile application management toolset to:

Mobile Monitoring & Omni-Channel

Deliver a flawless user experience on every mobile touchpoint with Dynatrace

Integrating comprehensive transaction management capabilities with powerful user experience analytics dashboards, Dynatrace provides you with a holistic view of website, mobile site, and mobile app performance and actionable insight into the behavior and experiences of your customers. Dynatrace eliminates blind spots in website and mobile application delivery, making it easy for your teams to:

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