Web transaction monitoring

Implementing web transaction monitoring is one of the best ways businesses can ensure glitch-free web experiences to their customers and protect online revenue flows. Today’s hyper-connected consumers are quick to abandon slow-loading pages and malfunctioning shopping carts. Poor web application performance leads to user frustration and lost sales, and web-business owners must carry out proactive, continuous web performance management or face the consequences.

Website performance monitoring tools help you identify and eliminate roadblocks in the customer journey. Modern websites are delivered across a complex chain of services, which are often external and invisible to your organization. With the right web transaction monitoring solution, you get a complete view of the application delivery environment, enabling you to verify that every system supporting the user path is functioning, available, and performing as intended.

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From web load testing to web transaction monitoring: taking web performance management to the next level

Web transaction monitoring extends the capabilities of web application load testing, simulating complex, multi-page user interactions and generating normal to high-volume load on your website or web service at regular intervals. Transaction monitoring allows you to monitor and examine the performance of each step and call involved in web transactions and locate bottlenecks and transaction failures that degrade the user experience.

Some synthetic web monitoring software solutions make it easy to record transactional scripts for load testing directly from the browser and then reuse testing scripts in the production environment for monitoring purposes. What differentiates synthetic web transaction monitoring from load testing is the focus on optimizing the user experience and ensuring that the transactions that are most important to your business never fail.

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A powerful synthetic web transaction monitoring solution from Dynatrace

Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring, a web transaction monitoring solution from the leaders in application performance monitoring, combines cloud-based load testing capabilities with powerful synthetic transaction monitoring tools.

With Dynatrace’s synthetic web app monitoring solution, your teams can test and monitor your web sites, mobile web sites, and web applications from real user PCs located in over 168 countries around the world and from over 70 mobile carrier networks. Dynatrace enables you to deploy web transaction monitoring from real browsers outside of your data center and obtain the most accurate measurements of application performance and availability.

Our web transaction monitoring solution offers you holistic visibility into the application delivery chain—including third-party APIs and services—and object-level detail into the performance of your web pages. Dynatrace gives you the actionable insight and data you need to ensure SLA compliance and assess the impact on web performance of each and every component in the application architecture.

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