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Performance monitoring of websites and applications grows with increasingly important as organizations conduct more and more critical business transactions through the web. A badly performing website can cause loss of users and revenue. Search engines now also include website performance in calculating search rankings thereby making web performance monitoring a crucial activity.

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Best Practices for Web Performance Monitoring

Many performance monitoring tools and solutions are available in the market to help organizations obtain data on the performance of their websites. However, without a coherent and well thought out strategy to execute web performance monitoring and testing, the utility of these tools and solutions is compromised. As with most IT initiatives, adoption of best practices is key to deriving value for Athese initiatives. The following are several best practices for web performance monitoring:

  • Focus web performance monitoring on key pages and business transactions. The home page and landing pages of a website are doors to a website. Understanding how these pages perform provides insight into the user experience of a website. Similarly, the most important and popular business transactions represent the main functionality of a website. If web applications implementing these transactions are not performing optimally, users will migrate to competing websites. Web performance monitoring should include business application monitoring of important transactions.
  • Monitor website performance across browsers and devices. Different browsers and devices process web content differently. This results in variations in performance between browsers and devices loading the same web page. Web performance testing must take into account popular browsers and devices that access the website being tested. With test results, performance baselines can be obtained and compared with the same browsers and devices accessing popular and competitor websites.
  • Monitor for efficiency in addition to speed. While the speed of a website is fundamental to user experience, compromising web content to improve speed at all costs will diminish user experience instead of enhancing it. The best balance of rich content and speed is determined by how efficient a site design is. An efficient site design contains a high level of rich content that provides a great experience for users but does not slow page load times as benchmarked against competitor sites.
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Web Performance Monitoring Products from Dynatrace

Dynatrace offers the following best-of-breed web performance monitoring products:

  • Dynatrace Application Monitoring is an easy-to-deploy, always-on solution that provides clear visibility into web and mobile application performance across the entire application delivery chain. It enables root-causes of performance problems to be found quickly by drilling down to code-level details.
  • Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring is a web application performance testing service that executes scripted transactions to replicate user experience globally. High volume load can be generated from the cloud to perform hundreds of test executions involving thousands of objects in first and third-party hosts.
  • Dynatrace User Experience Management automatically detects web requests and measures every user interaction with a website providing an integrated view of user experience across web, mobile web, native web, and hybrid web applications. Web service performance testing for user experience of applications running in Amazon Web Services is also supported.

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