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Whether you’re developing a web service for customers or deploying software online for internal use, neglecting web application performance can be a costly mistake. Great web application performance leads to increased customer engagement and loyalty—or employee productivity in the enterprise—and helps foster a positive brand image. Poor web application performance, on the other hand, results in failed transactions, user frustration, and ultimately, user abandonment of the service. This is why more companies today are taking advantage of web app monitoring solutions that enable them to continually evaluate and optimize the performance and user experience of the applications in which they’ve invested.

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Measuring and improving web application performance in development and deployment

Delivered across a loose network of internal and external systems and services, today’s web applications are complex, necessitating a proactive, multi-dimensional approach to web application performance management. Using performance testing tools for web applications in development allows you to collect detailed metrics on the speed, stability, and scalability of your applications, baseline web application performance, and identify critical bottlenecks in the application architecture. Carrying out performance testing early in the application life cycle enables your developers to build faster, more reliable web sites and services.

In production environments, all stakeholders can benefit from the use of web application performance and user monitoring solutions. By offering your teams a holistic view of the application delivery environment, these solutions help you ensure that your websites, web services, and SharePoint solutions are performing as intended and that your users are satisfied and engaged. Your operations teams can use synthetic and real web transaction monitoring tools to:

Breakthrough visibility for web, mobile, cloud, and distributed enterprise applications

Building on our expertise in application performance management, Dynatrace has engineered a powerful digital performance management platform suitable for web, mobile, cloud, and distributed enterprise applications. Integrating application monitoring with user experience analytics, Dynatrace offers you the end-to-end transaction monitoring, user experience management, and diagnostics capabilities you need to implement comprehensive web application performance monitoring and deliver a positive experience to each and every user.

Providing you with superior visibility into application delivery—from the browser to your server-side infrastructure—Dynatrace makes it easy to diagnose web application performance and SharePoint performance issues. From out-of-the-box dashboards, monitor all components and infrastructure impacting your application’s performance: view detailed contextual information for client-side errors, drill down to the line of code or component when slow requests are detected, and find the root cause of performance degradation to fix problems fast.

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