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Mobile app monitoring provides companies with a way to discover and address the issues that affect mobile app performance, adoption and user retention. Organizations that prioritize mobile as a marketing channel and revenue source can use mobile monitoring software to observe how their applications perform in the wild and how real users interact with those applications. The insight gained from mobile app monitoring enables development, test, and operations teams to improve application performance and stability and helps product managers gain a deeper understanding of their user base.

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Using Mobile App Monitoring To Know Your Users

One of the challenges of mobile and online commerce is the remoteness of your customers. Conventional mobile website testing tools can tell you about your website but not about the users on which your business depends. Through detailed mobile app analytics, Dynatrace’s next-generation mobile app monitoring solution allows you to collect valuable information about real users—about the devices, operating systems and carrier networks they use, where they are, and what they do with your apps–-without changing a single line of code. Our mobile APM tools monitor every user and every transaction from the client side through to your servers and databases, giving you the granular data you need to optimize the user experience.

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Practical Tips for Fast Mobile Web Performance

Are you employing responsive design to create a mobile-friendly web experience? Beware that mobile-friendly doesn’t always mean user-friendly. So, how do you avoid disaster?

Join Dynatrace web performance experts Klaus Enzenhofer and Stefan Baumgartner to learn the basics of high-performance mobile development through the examination of real-world, performance-killing code examples. Topics covered include:

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Implementing Mobile App Monitoring To Keep Your Users Satisfied

With its diversity of devices, operating systems, networks, backend platforms and third-party services, the modern mobile application delivery chain presents unique difficulties to developers and operations staff working to ensure the responsiveness and reliability of mobile applications. Without the right mobile application performance testing and mobile app monitoring systems in place, organizations lack the visibility necessary for identifying the root cause of app performance degradation and are left scrambling to find makeshift solutions when problems arise.

With Dynatrace’s integrated mobile app monitoring and performance management solution, your teams are able to identify and resolve critical app performance issues efficiently and effectively:

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