End to end monitoring

Today’s web applications enable end-users to perform increasingly complex and critical tasks. To meet rising user expectations and business requirements, the application delivery chain must meet demanding performance goals. Monitoring and managing the performance of web applications

can pose difficult challenges to application monitoring software as these applications consists of many tiers and are delivered via a combination of hardware, software, and services. These challenges are best met by end to end monitoring which provides insight into all tiers.

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Benefits of End to End Monitoring

The benefits of end to end monitoring are many. Some of the key benefits include: - Visibility into entire application delivery chain. A traditional single-purpose application monitoring tool (such as one that only performs Java application monitoring) provides insight into a specific part of the delivery chain, but not the entire chain. This approach leaves blind spots where problems may exist. A performance monitoring and management solution that supports end to end monitoring exposes the entire chain to allow metrics to be captured for every part of the chain from user interaction to application execution to database processing.


Dynatrace PurePath Technology Delivers End to End Monitoring

PurePath Technology® is a patented technology developed by Dynatrace that enables comprehensive and granular end to end monitoring. It traces timing and code-level context for all transactions end-to-end, across all tiers, from user clicks to back-end database queries, and back. PurePath Technology is always-on using ultra lightweight agents, covers 100% of all transactions, and is architecture agnostic. It captures transaction performance metrics through any application virtualization and through public, private, or hybrid clouds. Transactions are automatically discovered and no code changes or scripting is required.

PurePath Technology provides visibility into multiple layers – application, operating system, and hardware. Performance, scalability, and stability issues are diagnosed through these layers. Captured metrics are presented through an intuitive dashboard allowing issues to be highlighted and root-causes to be quickly discovered and fixed. PurePath Technology is production-proven in the most demanding environments and is available in the Dynatrace Application Monitoring and Dynatrace User Experience Management products.

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