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PHP has been a popular language for Web developers for over a decade. Its rapid prototyping and deployment features enable it to still be popular today. Consequently many websites run PHP applications, creating a need for PHP application monitoring. Like a Java application where a Java performance test is carried out using a load testing website and the Java application's performance is monitored, a PHP application is tested in the same way. Traffic from a load testing website can be varied from low to peak traffic to monitor the behavior of a PHP application. An effective PHP application monitoring solution like Dynatrace captures and traces application transactions end-to-end to obtain performance metrics for the entire application delivery chain.

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Comprehensive PHP application monitoring solutions from Dynatrace

Dynatrace's PHP performance monitoring traverses multiple tiers, and distributed systems and components. Dynatrace is an end-to-end application performance monitor that traces entire transactions. It incorporates Dynatrace's patented PurePath Technology® to monitor PHP applications from user interactions through PHP application code execution to middleware and infrastructure tiers.

PurePath enables PHP application monitoring down to code level capturing CPU execution time for each method. It also monitors SQL queries to databases. For example, Dynatrace performs MySQL performance monitoring by capturing SQL statements made from PHP applications to a MySQL database including each statement's execution frequency and execution time.

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Expedite root-cause analysis using Dynatrace PHP application monitoring

Dynatrace' APM solution automatically discovers, maps, and monitors each PHP transaction. Unlike other APM solutions in the market which sample performance data intermittently, Dynatrace continuously monitors PHP transactions, including virtualization monitoring of transactions in virtual environments, allowing each transaction to be replayed to reveal the performance of each component in the application delivery chain. With Dynatrace's PurePath Technology providing detailed method-level performance data, root-cause analysis can be carried out quickly during the replays of transactions. To augment PHP application monitoring, network performance tools can be implemented to allow root-cause analysis to be carried out from method level to network level.

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