Azure DevOps

Integrate Dynatrace into Azure DevOps release pipelines

What is Azure DevOps?

Azure DevOps is a service offered by Microsoft based on the Azure cloud platform that provides an end-to-end DevOps toolchain for developing and deploying software. Azure DevOps easily integrates with third-party solutions and provides flexibility of supported languages, platforms, and cloud vendors, making it a viable option for many organizations.

Why monitoring for Azure DevOps?

Monitoring helps improve the DevOps toolchain continuously ensure the health, performance, and reliability of your application and infrastructure as it moves from development to production. Dynatrace enables Development, DevOps, and SRE teams to build and deliver better quality at scale by bring observability, orchestration, automation, and intelligence to DevOps pipelines.

Solve Azure issues faster

Dynatrace tracks every build moving through your delivery pipeline, every operations deployment, all user behavior, and impact of your supporting infrastructure. Through analytics and AI, you can start building what users want, remove what’s not needed, and optimize the remaining system to be lean, agile, and innovative.

Start with automated observability across Azure environments

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Transform DevOps with Dynatrace and Azure

  • Implement event driven continuous delivery and automated operations
  • Automate CI/CD to speed up pipeline
  • Improve code quality for production
  • Shorten innovation lifecycles
  • Davis® provides continuous automatic monitoring of DevOps tools
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BARBRI moved our entire production environment into Azure, and Dynatrace gave me and my team the confidence to do that in an efficient and effective way.
Mark kaplan 300 148e064fff Mark Kaplan Senior Director IT BARBRI Inc.

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