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Countdown to the best holiday shopping season ever

Shoppers’ expectations for a truly outstanding holiday season experience get higher every year. On-line and mobile shopping play an increasingly critical role in meeting their anytime, anywhere, right-now demands. Learn the steps you can take with Dynatrace to drive your best holiday shopping season ever.

Real time commerce is the new omni-channel

Connected Stores For Connected Customers

Going beyond page load speed to optimize customer experience

When is fast, fast enough? Only when it’s fast enough to keep your customers happy. Visitors to your ecommerce site have different tolerances for page speed so it’s key to understand the user, their journey, and their devices in context.

Analyze this: Improve CX to Improve Revenue

How to modernize your ecommerce analytics and improve customer experience

Today’s hyper-connected digital consumers have high expectations for their online interaction with your brand, and have zero patience for a slow online experience. Learn the 6 best practices of digital performance masters

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Extend your market reach with confidence

New markets drive new revenue. But how do you ensure great experiences for prospective customers? We offer the most comprehensive application testing platform, supporting hundreds of consumer device configurations from thousands of locations so you’ll know what prospects in new markets expect before the first click.

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“Dynatrace was a critical factor in our ability to reduce our performance testing cycles from two months to two weeks.”

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“Dynatrace addressed our main challenges and concerns like front end visibility, being able to search for a single visit and drill down to find the pain points.”

Panera 2.0, a digital transformation

Michael Wojcik, VP of Enterprise Technology Services, discusses the digital transformation initiative that is Panera 2.0. Listen to the challenges Panera overcame, and the lessons learned, transforming their business and to create amazing user experiences for their customers inside and outside the café, using the Dynatrace performance platform.

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Panera 2.0

3 ways to drive higher conversions

3 ways to drive higher conversions by improving site performance

How can you know that each new feature you add to your site won’t negatively impact user experience?

Purchasing Power used Dynatrace Application Monitoring, together with Razorfish, to implement a feature-rich site running on Hybris. They’ve achieved less than 1-second response time on all pages throughout the holiday season and increased revenue and conversion rates every year since 2013.

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In-house ecommerce

Packaged ecommerce applications simply don’t work for some online retailers. Whether it’s weighing cost of change, leveraging existing investments, or highly customized feature, function, and integration requirements, in-house ecommerce platforms can be the better and more cost-effective choice.

Dynatrace Application Monitoring builds performance into your entire application lifecycle―development, test, and production. Now you can deliver and maintain high-quality apps with confidence the first time, and every time, so your brilliant IT team can focus on innovation instead of firefighting.

In-house ecommerce

7 essential load testing

7 essential load testing tips for peak performance

Online shoppers’ options are many, and poor performance during peak times can seriously impact your reputation, revenue, and customer loyalty. Read this guide and use the checklist to be prepared to snag them and keep them.

Digital journey or customer journey?

Digital journey or customer journey?

The central notion of digital marketing is to enable the buyer’s journey from anonymous visitor to customer. But what happens once that first purchase is complete? How do you turn them into lifelong fans?

Best of the Web 2016

The Digital Performance Report: Best of the Web 2016

The digital revolution is transforming the way retailers engage with customers, making on-line and mobile user experience a critical competitive differentiator. So who are the “Best of the Web” in retail?

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