Cloud adoption

Whether public or private, if you are replatforming, rehosting, refactoring, or hybrid – for any cloud platform you choose – Dynatrace ensures success through every step of your cloud adoption journey.

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Cloud adoption screenshot
Cloud adoption screenshot

Legacy monitoring tools don’t work in the Cloud

The cloud is complex, dynamic, and hyper fast - it’s far beyond the capacity of the human brain.

Whether you’re operating across multiple public and private clouds, building new cloud native apps or refactoring existing apps to leverage microservices architectures and container technology, or migrating applications from your on-premise datacenter to the cloud, your current monitoring tools lack the automation and intelligence to work at the speed and scale you need.



of CIOs fear that IT complexity will make it impossible to effectively manage performance.



of CIOs say monitoring microservices in real-time is almost impossible.

User expectations


of CIOs say multi-cloud deployments make monitoring user experience difficult.

Build, migrate, and operate with intelligence

Dynatrace is the all-in-one monitoring platform that provides a complete view of your on-premise, private and public clouds, PaaS platforms, and containerized application.

Leveraging AI and automation, Dynatrace scales to over 100k hosts out of the box and automatically detects all application and infrastructure components with no manual configuration.

  • Simplify cloud adoption and operations across 1 or multiple cloud platforms, no matter how complex
  • Build cloud native applications with speed and quality
  • Modernize and migrate apps to the cloud with confidence

Cloud is essential to your business strategy

Plan better

Plan better

Ensure that the app is well suited for cloud, and the new design and cloud architecture are effective. Dynatrace provides essential insights about the current application – architecture, usage, resources, dependencies, and more - for accurate assessment and optimized design.

Move faster

Move faster

Problems during cloud adoption impact service delivery and cause delays. Leverage automated root-cause analysis, prioritized on end user impact. Ensure a faster, smoother migration by resolving problems faster, and even stopping faulty code builds before they reach production.

Operate simpler

Operate simpler

Ensure that your new cloud-based environment meets expectations for service delivery. AI ensures fast, proactive problem detection and resolution, eliminating war rooms and reducing TCO. Seamlessly transition your operations - Dynatrace automatically links application services before and after migration.

Dynatrace is purpose-built for the cloud.
Our all-in-one platform provides real time intelligence into every single one of your cloud platforms.

Simplify Cloud operations for 1..n clouds

With our all-in-one software intelligence platform, you get actionable insights in heterogenous cloud environments. The best data in context and industry leading algorithms provide answers like detecting anomalies before they impact the business, identifying root causes of issues or analyzing business impact.

Dynatrace automation and AI enable operations teams to monitor the largest, most complex, and dynamic environments that span multiple cloud platforms, with ease.

  • Automatically identify problems and their root cause anywhere in the technology stack so operations can focus on resolution, not on dealing with alert storms
  • Leverage a single platform with automated deployment to ensure full coverage across all applications and infrastructure without manual deployment, configuration, and updates
  • Ingest data to enrich the Dynatrace AI engine when software agents can’t be deployed

Cloud operations impact

Build cloud native applications with speed and quality

Dynatrace empowers enterprises to mature from CI to CD to DevOps to NoOps. Utilizing Dynatrace AI quality-gates for your cloud-native continuous delivery pipeline enables developers to shift-left and find performance issues early allowing only good builds to reach production.

  • AI-powered monitoring helps dev, test, operations, and business teams light up hybrid cloud apps built using microservices and containers
  • Detect architectural regressions with automated tests by integrating Dynatrace with your CI/CD tool chain to stop broken builds earlier in your delivery pipeline.
  • Automated architecture validation across both cloud native and enterprise technology stacks

Service flow

Modernize and migrate apps to the cloud with confidence

Understand your entire application and infrastructure topology, and all the billions of inter-dependencies, in real-time within minutes of deployment. Dynatrace enables operations and development teams to

  • Automatically baseline current application and infrastructure performance, along with dependencies, to plan migration execution
  • Refactor large monolithic applications by breaking down components that can be migrated to the cloud while monitoring the remaining monolith
  • Validate performance of applications and infrastructure in the new cloud environment and right-size your cloud environment

Cloud migrations

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