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Business process monitoring

Monitor and optimize business processes with real-time visibility into key performance indicators and detailed analytics that can improve customer satisfaction, increase efficiency, and reduce cost.

Dynatrace enables us to look at not only systems availability, but the business metrics that drive conversions and profitability.
Michael Brown Chief Information Security Officer, loanDepot

Track and optimize end-to-end business processes in real time with data from any source

  • Gain real-time visibility into order fulfillment, loan applications, quote to cash, or any other business process
  • Quickly gauge overall business performance with an executive-level view of KPIs and and how they trend over time
  • Capture each milestone as a business event from OneAgent, external business systems, real user monitoring (RUM), or log files
  • Drill down into individual flow details and business exceptions

Connect business process health metrics to their business and IT dependencies

  • Drive collaboration between business and IT through automatic enrichment of business data with Smartscape topology context
  • Measure the impact of IT service quality on business process KPIs
  • Drill down into supporting systems and applications to quickly isolate and remediate issues

Query, analyze, and visualize business, observability, and security data in context

  • Explore your data to discover patterns, trends, and anomalies
  • Identify areas to optimize business processes to increase efficiency and reduce cost
  • Predict future behavior with embedded Davis AI forecasting

Extend user journey and conversion analytics with business process monitoring

  • Go beyond digital conversions for a complete view of customer experience
  • Measure the impact on loyalty and your business by understanding what happens after the conversion
  • Track end-to-end processes that span disparate data systems and varying periods of time

Automate tasks and issue resolution to improve efficiency and scale talent

  • Leverage integrated platform automation capabilities to improve business process efficiency and resilience
  • Configure service level objectives (SLOs) and automate actions in response to missed targets
  • Proactively reach out to customers experiencing delays or issues
  • Automate regular business reports for timely executive visibility while reducing manual tasks
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Extend your team’s value with expertise-based data analysis and recommendations

The Business Insights team leverages deep Dynatrace expertise to go beyond application performance and unlock more value to drive business decisions.