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Mobile Application Monitoring

Optimize mobile applications to drive customer engagement and retention through mobile application monitoring that delivers end-to-end visibility, detailed mobile analytics and actionable insights into user experiences.

Mobile observability is critical for delivering great digital experience

To reach and engage customers through mobile apps, it’s imperative to understand the mobile user experience, application performance and how everything connects to your full technology stack.

  • 90%

    of time spent on mobile devices occurs within native mobile apps

  • 71%

    of mobile app uninstalls are due to app crashes

Instantly address mobile app crashes

Get mobile crash analytics with instant and precise AI-powered root cause why mobile apps are crashing to improve user experiences and prevent low App Store ratings.

  • Quickly see how many real users are affected by a crash to understand the business impact
  • Easily filter crashes with mobile app analytics based on app version, OS version, device, jail-broken status, and more
  • See end-to-end distributed tracing with detailed user and session data
  • Immediately reproduce crashes and view exactly what a user did with Session Replay in movie-like quality

Monitor mobile applications from every touch, tap or swipe to backend services

Seamlessly tie mobile app monitoring to all applications to improve collaboration across multi-channel teams responsible for web, mobile, API, and edge device channels.

  • Connect back and front-end application performance to eliminate mobile app monitoring blind spots
  • Easily see mobile app analytics and metrics such as crashes, error rates, action duration, and top HTTP requests
  • Get mobile teams up and running quickly with automatic instrumentation for Android apps, iOS apps and popular multi-platform frameworks like Flutter and React Native
  • Generate continuous topology mapping to understand how every component is connected up and down the stack

Connect mobile experience improvements to business impact

Understand the impact of real user mobile experiences on strategic business KPIs to prioritize what matters most for mobile application management.

  • See the impact of negative user experience on goals such as revenue, conversions, and feature adoption across mobile app versions
  • Get insights into your most valuable customer segments to personalize and optimize user experiences
  • Play back real user mobile app sessions with Session Replay
  • Enable data privacy by default with out-of-the-box compliance for regulations such as GDPR and CCPA

Try mobile app monitoring with Dynatrace for free!

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Get the broadest mobile framework and tech coverage with auto-instrumentation for the most popular frameworks:

Extend your mobile team’s value with expertise-based data analysis and recommendations

Business Insights for mobile combines deep Dynatrace expertise with a turnkey big data platform to go beyond mobile application performance and unlock more value to drive business decisions. Our combination of technology, visualization and expertise will help you communicate, interrogate and act to optimize your mobile applications and business outcomes.

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