Waltham, MA – February 11, 2020 – Dynatrace today announced that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is using the Dynatrace Software Intelligence Platform to significantly enhance cloud observability and support the VA’s cloud migration efforts. In accordance with the US Federal Government’s Chief Information Officer’s Cloud First and Cloud Smart mandates, the VA Enterprise Cloud (VAEC) initiative was launched in July 2018, to help the VA innovate faster. The goal is to migrate 350 mission-critical applications, roughly 50 percent of its total portfolio, to the cloud by 2024.

“The mission of VA is to provide care to those who have served the United States and their families,” stated Dave Catanoso, Director of the Cloud Solutions Office for VA. “We believe that moving our enterprise application environment to the cloud is the most efficient and effective way to enhance the quality of services we provide to American Veterans. We want a more streamlined experience for our Veterans and faster, easier access to benefits, health care, and other essential services.”

VA’s multi-cloud environment is extremely complex. The Department needed a modern approach to monitoring that would help enable its teams to gain observability into everything from on-premises legacy applications to applications running in containers and microservices on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. VA needed a solution that provided automated installation and configuration, continuous discovery, and precise AI-powered answers regarding anomalies and degradations in service. The Dynatrace® Software Intelligence Platform offered this along with complete, end-to-end observability across VA’s cloud environment, resulting in a faster and more confident cloud migration.

As VA continues its cloud migration, Dynatrace will provide IT teams with the ability to assess the performance of new and existing applications, down to the user’s desktop. This helps to ensure that Veterans receive the best possible digital experience. “Dynatrace provided VA with an all-in-one platform built on a unified data model that delivers modern cloud stack observability at scale from the end-user experience to the health of our applications and infrastructure,” Catanoso added.