WALTHAM, Mass., October 20, 2022 – Software intelligence company Dynatrace (NYSE: DT) announced today that ISG, a leading global technology research and advisory firm, has named it a Leader in the 2022 ISG Provider Lens™, Cloud-native Services and Solutions reports for the US and Europe. ISG assessed thirteen observability providers and seventeen security providers based on two primary criteria, Competitive Strength and Portfolio Attractiveness. The firm named Dynatrace a Leader with the top overall position in cloud-native observability and a Leader in cloud-native security. The convergence of observability and security is accelerating, and this recognition from ISG reflects Dynatrace’s strong position in this expanded market. A complimentary copy of the research is available here.

“Quite simply, Dynatrace does it all in terms of observability and is particularly powerful with containerized applications,” said Mark Purdy, principal analyst, ISG research and author of the report. “World-class AI and automation capabilities make the Dynatrace platform a clear Leader in this space. The company is now bringing its strengths in observability, AI, and automation to the thorny problems of cloud-native security. The platform automates vulnerability identification and management across the DevSecOps lifecycle and provides real-time vulnerability scanning of code in production, automatic attack blocking, and alert prioritization. Having all these capabilities in a unified platform dramatically reduces the time teams spend on manual activities while enabling them to ensure their software is optimized and secure.”

The report highlights Dynatrace strengths, including:

  • The Dynatrace® Software Intelligence Platform’s extensive observability capabilities, unifying logs, metrics, traces, topology, user behavior, metadata, and data from the latest open-source standards.
  • The Davis® AI engine at the platform’s core, instead of as an add-on solution, pinpointing the root cause of anomalies and vulnerabilities down to individual microservices and code-level detail in highly distributed cloud environments. Its causational approach is ideal for delivering answers and intelligent automation from data.
  • The company’s relentless focus on innovation, including more than 25 software releases annually, and its active contribution to the open-source, cloud-native observability and security communities.

“We are pleased to receive recognition from leading analysts, like ISG, who understand the importance of cloud-native observability and security to fuel digital innovation,” said Mike Maciag, Chief Marketing Officer at Dynatrace. “Cloud-native software delivery is characterized by continuous releases and highly dynamic application ecosystems. Optimizing and securing these processes and environments requires an AI-powered platform leveraging extensive observability, security, and business data while retaining its context to deliver precise answers and intelligent automation. This is particularly critical for large organizations, where digital services are central to competitive differentiation and customer satisfaction.”