Boston, Mass. – December 4, 2018Dynatrace today announced that Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring, part of its all-in-one Software Intelligence Platform, Dynatrace®, is now individually licensable. Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring provides an infrastructure-only, automated approach to cloud infrastructure and container monitoring at web scale.

With automated discovery and AI at the core of Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring, enterprises benefit from easier deployment and accurate and actionable insights versus alternative, multi-tool, manual approaches. Precise, root-cause problem detection reduces alert noise, improves visibility and enhances automation across cloud environments.

“The cloud demands an all-in-one approach to monitor cloud platforms and supporting infrastructure instead of the siloed views provided by traditional monitoring tools. These tools require manual integration and reporting and only band-aid customers’ problems, drowning them in alert noise,” said Steve Tack, SVP of Product, Dynatrace. “We are pleased to offer Dynatrace Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring for these customers which includes the complete AI power of Dynatrace to provide a unified view of their cloud, consolidate point tools for increased efficiency at reduced cost, and provide actionable answers to IT Operations and DevOps teams.”

Dynatrace® natively and automatically monitors containers and the microservices running inside of them, without the need to manually instrument the container itself. Its analysis includes full visibility into server metrics, including CPU, memory, network performance, and processes running on these hosts, including virtualized components. With AI at its core and built-in Log Analytics, Dynatrace® captures all relevant log files and puts them in context of a transaction or a problem analysis to allow for richer detail and faster decision making.

“As Docebo moved to the cloud, we quickly discovered that traditional infrastructure monitoring tools weren’t able to handle the scale or dynamic nature of the cloud. Dynatrace changed the way we monitor our applications and infrastructure. We’ve been able to consolidate tools and get a unified view of our environment that is always up-to-date and provides valuable, real-time insights,” said Andrea Spoldi, Infrastructure Architect at Docebo.

Only Dynatrace has been built with the demands of the cloud in mind. Dynatrace® provides full visibility into the infrastructure layer across public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. Our partnerships with the world’s most popular cloud technologies mean that Dynatrace can provide automatic monitoring for infrastructure whether AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Pivotal, Redhat OpenShift and Kubernetes by utilizing our OneAgent instrumentation and powerful API ingestion capabilities to provide a single source of analysis across environments.