LAS VEGAS, NEV. – January 30th, 2019 — Software Intelligence company Dynatrace, today announced Session Replay, which allows organizations to play back unique web or mobile sessions in a “movie-like” experience, providing an end-to-end record of the customer journey from the user’s perspective. Session Replay joins Dynatrace’s Real User and Synthetic Monitoring capabilities to extend the company’s all-in-one digital experience management offering.

With the Session Replay enhanced digital experience management offering, organizations can significantly improve service quality and increase overall customer and brand satisfaction through AI-powered insights into user experience across all devices and digital channels.

“We are always focused on the guest experience at Royal Caribbean International, and as we move workloads to the cloud, the smooth operation of the digital channels is increasingly important,” said Carlos Gutierrez-Menoyo, Manager of eCommerce BizDevOps & Support, Royal Caribbean International®. “Historically, the challenge has been pulling together data from multiple tools and back-end monitoring systems in real time, even more so when shifting further to the cloud. Dynatrace® has developed an all-in-one solution where it’s all streamlined, meaning we can concentrate on optimizing the digital experience for our visitors as they find their ultimate vacation.”

Dynatrace’s digital experience management offering is purpose-built for modern cloud and single page applications; overcoming the limitations of traditional network-based approaches and other point solutions, which are unable to provide integrated visibility into modern environments. Now with Session Replay, IT and digital business teams benefit from a solution that is:

  • High fidelity – Session Replay lets organizations visualize their user journeys in 4K by showing exactly what people see in a movie-like experience, and then indexing user sessions for easy search and analysis.
  • Easy and automatic – The new Session Replay capability features fully automatic deployment and continuous auto-discovery, making it easy to implement and manage even in highly dynamic environments, compared to point solutions requiring manual instrumentation and configuration.
  • All-in-one – The new Session Replay capability is an integral part of Dynatrace’s Digital Experience Management solution alongside Real User Monitoring and Synthetic Monitoring, and leverages the Dynatrace® AI engine to automatically understand where problems are and who is affected.
  • End-to-end – Issues seen with Session Replay can be tracked through the entire cloud stack to the precise root cause, even down to a specific line of problematic code, in a particular DevOps release.

“The addition of Session Replay marks an important milestone in our mission to transform the way organizations monitor, track and enhance their digital user experiences by enabling organizations to see what users are experiencing first-hand. As part of our DEM and advanced AI capabilities, Session Replay makes it easier to see a user journey, so teams can identify where poor experiences are occurring, and implement improvements to optimize,” said Steve Tack, SVP of Product Management at Dynatrace.

Dynatrace® Session Replay is currently available via an Early Adopters Program, with general availability to follow. For further information, to watch an introductory video, or sign-up to the Early Adopters Program, visit: /platform/session-replay/