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Dynatrace API can now automate tagging of related components

Manage Security Gateway and OneAgent installations from a single location

Introducing Cassandra monitoring

Dynatrace Managed feature update, Version 110

Custom threshold settings for technologies monitored with plugins

Introducing Hadoop monitoring

Introducing Spark monitoring

Introducing Couchbase monitoring (beta)

Introducing CouchDB monitoring (beta)

Advanced filtering for mobile-app crash reports

Docker log analytics has arrived!

Crash analysis for processes is now available!

Now you can verify application accessibility to web-check IP addresses

Availability monitoring and alerting for process groups!

View history of open/closed problems in your environment

AI-driven team collaboration: Problem-comments feed and new API endpoint

Now you can analyze Nginx CPU consumption!

Availability monitoring: Web checks now use Chrome 53

Introducing RabbitMQ monitoring

Introducing Elasticsearch cluster monitoring

New “Low datastore space” problem type for VMware monitoring

Monitoring Docker container environments

Code-level visibility now available for Node.js

How to ask your monitoring system about the future