Who stole the Flux Capacitor? – Taking hybris eCommerce back to the future with performance powered by Dynatrace!

Last week at the hybris Customer Days in Fort Worth I witnessed Brian McFly and Doc Werkema, two hybris people from the future, get stranded in the present with their Delorean DMC-12. Unfortunately, their flux capacitor was damaged on the journey and they are now stuck in a world where commerce and marketing systems do not work together, sales and services are not integrated, and where there are no microservice architectures!

To facilitate their rescue the #hybrislabs guys built a new flux capacitor in almost no time to get them back to the future of ecommerce! But then something something went terribly wrong!  The flux capacitor went missing!


In the past Dynatrace has partnered with hybris to deliver and maintain the best eCommerce performance and user experience, so I can’t let them down on this hijacking!

Dynatrace and hybris simply can’t risk underperforming eCommerce platforms in the future! With the flux capacitor missing the exceptional user experience is at stake, so I had to find the thief to reclaim the device so Brian and Doc could fix their time machine to get back to the future on time to avoid the worst!

And, fortunately, I found him! I tracked him down on my way back from Texas, first to Florida, then to Germany, and finally to Austria. Once I had the flux capacitor secured I took it to the @Dynatrace labs for a functional and performance health check. Turns out that the flux capacitor built by #hybrislabs is an exceptionally delicate and sensitive device. Fortunately, it wasn’t damaged during the theft. But during their analysis the Dynatrace labs experts discovered that there is even more performance to gain! So right now they are working to enhance it with Dynatrace technology to ensure maximum performance and end-user experience for the future eCommerce platforms.

enhancing the hybris flux capacitor with dynatrace

Once the work of the Dynatrace experts is complete, I will personally bring the flux capacitor back to the hybris labs in Munich so that Brian McFly and Doc Werkema can get back to the future safely. The future of high performing eCommerce systems is now in safe hands, thanks to Dynatrace technology and hybris eCommerce leadership working together!

Don’t wait for a Delorean time machine to take your eCommerce performance to the future! Start your journey now and apply the power of Dynatrace to your environment today!

In the past 15 years Reinhard Brandstädter has worked as a system architect, performance analyst and consultant. As Product Manager for Dynatrace he has been driving product enhancements and capabilities for production monitoring. Now he focuses on performance management for eCommerce applications and supports companies on their APM journey.