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Unlocking collaborative partner innovation: 2024 Dynatrace Partner Pro Club winners

In today’s complex digital landscape, organizations need to be able to scale and innovate in order to compete. The collaborative partner innovation showcased between Dynatrace and its strategic partnerships is a critical piece of enabling growth for our customers.

While the curtains have fallen on Perform 2024, the Dynatrace annual user conference, the commitment and collaborative nature of our partner relationships is consistently being demonstrated. During the conference, we unveiled the winners of the Dynatrace Partner Pro Club app competition. This challenge invited our partners to create impactful apps that solve real-world customer use cases using Dynatrace AppEngine. Below are the winners.

Elevating user experience and design with collaborative partner innovation

The top submissions stood out by solving complex business challenges and focusing on creating an exceptional user experience. The winning User Flow Analytics app by Andrea Caria of Spindox introduces a visual analysis of user navigation within web, mobile, or custom applications, presented through dynamic Sankey diagrams and funnels. This innovative approach enhances the understanding of user journeys through compelling visuals, setting the standard for future app developments.

The User Flow Analytics app was created to address real-life business challenges. For example, a multinational manufacturing company wanted to improve the performance and user experience of their mobile apps and websites. They asked Spindox to evaluate their existing product analytics software and suggest potential alternatives. After careful consideration, Spindox recommended the Dynatrace unified observability and security platform. Spindox also realized that if they could extend the Dynatrace Platform to cover user-funnel analytics and user-navigation Sankey diagrams, it would help the customer consolidate their tooling. Using Dynatrace AppEngine, Spindox was able to implement funnel analytics according to the customer’s specifications, providing them with all the information they needed within a single platform.

AppEngine is a stunning step forward in data monitoring because it allows you to merge the customization of coding with the high-quality data stored in Dynatrace, unlocking the limits of analysis beyond imagination. The more time you spend developing your application, the more you understand its potential by assembling the amazing number of ready-made components that Dynatrace provides.” — Andrea Caria, observability solution analyst at Spindox. 

Recognizing the runners up

While there was an overwhelming amount of quality submissions, we have to recognize two outstanding runners-up. Gil Givati’s (Matrix) HALO app impressed by allowing users to visually create holistic objectives for applications or products. Meanwhile, Michiel Otten’s (Eviden) Cross Platform Insights app garnered applause for providing a unified view of health across multiple Dynatrace environments.

“We were truly impressed by the apps showcased in the Dynatrace Pro Club app competition. Our partners combined their technical prowess and industry insight to engineer apps that effectively utilize observability, security, and business data to solve key customer challenges. I’m excited about the prospects of AppEngine empowering the creation of numerous groundbreaking custom apps.” — Ahmed El-Jafoufi, global partner enablement architect at Dynatrace.

A collective leap forward

AppEngine empowers partners to create custom solutions that are secure and enterprise-grade with the familiar Dynatrace out-of-the-box look and feel.

Our competition wasn’t just about winning; it was about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in observability and security. The submissions we received were a testament to the power of innovative partner collaboration, and the shared commitment of Dynatrace and its partners to lead the way in shaping the future of digital experiences.

All of this year’s participants contributed to making this competition a success. The dedication of our partners to excellence elevates the Dynatrace ecosystem and continues to set the standard for what’s possible in the dynamic world of unified observability and security.

Dynatrace Partner Pro Club

Partner Pro Club is an initiative to recognize and reward Dynatrace partners who invest the time and commitment to achieving their Dynatrace Professional certification. Members gain access to exclusive events and training, fostering a community of champions.