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The Modern Observability Strategy: How and Why to Evolve Your Monitoring

Observability has become a hot topic these days in the world of monitoring. In this video series, Nancy Gohring, Senior Analyst at 451 Research, answers your questions about observability and application monitoring. Watch the series for answers to important questions such as the difference between observability and traditional monitoring and how to shift to modern observability monitoring.

What is observability and how is it different from traditional monitoring?

In modern cloud-native environments, your system is much more complex and dynamic, and it’s difficult to predict in advance what problems might occur.

What is required to evolve from monitoring to modern observability?

If you want to transition your monitoring practice into an observability practice, there are several things you want to focus on doing. Nancy Gohring, Senior Analyst at 451 Research, discusses the four main action-items in the video below.

You can learn more about observability vs monitoring in our blog post.

What kind of challenges can be solved by shifting to a modern observability strategy?

Listen to the video response to learn the challenges you can address and solve when you shift to a modern observability practice.

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