Support for RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, HornetQ, & JBossMQ

We’re proud to announce availability of the first complete end-to-end queue support in an APM product. We’ve been working hard on this and are excited to share the results of our work with you.

A couple months ago we announced support for JMS and Rabbit MQ messaging services. Once you update your OneAgent (version 1.69) you can see which queues each service sends messages to and pulls messages from. For now, this works for all Java-based services. We’ll be extending this functionality to other technologies in the future.

The example below shows a service listening on a queue. Each received message represents a single service call. This service additionally sends messages to another queue:

1JMS Service

In this example, a service sends and receives messages from queues while processing web service requests:

2Queue Service

Smartscape and service dependencies

With this newly available information, Dynatrace can now show you the dependencies between your services and queues. In this way you can now see exactly how messages flow between your application’s services.

3image2015-4-15 9-1-4

Queue Processes

What makes Dynatrace really unique however is how we put this new information into the context of your overall environment. In the case of messaging services, we show you not only the queues themselves, but also their processes and each process dependency. So Dynatrace not only monitors queues, it even shows you the processes that the queues are hosted on. With this approach we can correlate infrastructure and resource problems related to queued processes with problems related to the queue itself and the services that rely on the queue.

4image2015-4-15 10-1-30