Sky Business News – Australian Online Retailers Slower than World Standards

Recently, I was interviewed by Sky Business News about the site performance of Australian retailers and the fact that they’re amongst the slowest in the world.

During one of the busiest Christmas shopping weeks last year, the local retail average homepage response time had crept out to 9.4 seconds. By comparison, the US and UK averages for this same point in time was 3.8 seconds and 3.9 seconds respectively.

A 6 second difference is an eternity. Below you can view the full interview.

Benchmarking Australian Online Retail – 2016 Report

This Christmas data was just a slice out of a broader, global benchmark report we’ve been working on which focuses on the evolution of digital performance in 2015 across 300+ retailers in nine countries. Specifically, we’ve been closely tracking each retailers’:

  • Homepage response time
  • Size of the homepage
  • How each site changes in complexity by way of third party hosts and object adoption

The report lets retailers benchmark themselves against the top 5 and the poorest performers, and looks at how some of the best in the business tackle digital performance today.

Dynatrace Retail Benchmarks Australia

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